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Teaching & Learning

Our mission is to ensure each student at Notre Dame is provided with the high quality teaching which will enable them to make sustained and rapid progress in their learning.

In order to facilitate this progress teachers provide lessons which engage the interest of the girls and motivates them to work to and beyond their potential. Our teachers deliver a wide range of learning activities including role-plays, computer simulations and practical experiments which inspire the girls in their learning. It is recognised that learning is not confined to timetabled lessons, but also includes exciting educational visits, extracurricular clubs and additional support sessions which take place in lunchtimes.

Girls are encouraged to be active partners in their learning and become equipped with the skills to assess and reflect on their own progress. Teachers consistently provide high quality verbal and written feedback on students’ work which guide them on the steps they need to take to improve. All girls receive specific written targets each year which are reported to parents and these are monitored and discussed with teachers, tutors and academic mentors.

To progress, students need to face a learning challenge. All our lessons have clearly defined learning objectives which are pitched at an appropriate level for the girls to be challenged within the class. Learning takes place both within mixed ability classes and ability sets in accordance with the needs of the students. Whether girls require extension activities and higher-order thinking activities or additional support, our teaching staff ensure their learning needs are met.

We understand that the quality of teaching and learning is paramount in determining girls’ academic success. To ensure we consistently deliver the high standards parents and girls are familiar with, the Senior Leadership Team continually monitor standards through a comprehensive quality assurance programme. You can therefore be secure in the knowledge that Notre Dame develops confident, enthusiastic and happy learners.