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Breathing Space

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Notre Dame School sits within 26 acres
of beautiful, rural parkland. It makes for
a glorious, peaceful and safe environment in which
to go to school. But the ‘Breathing Space’ we speak
of at Notre Dame is about so much more than
physical space. It is about the very essence of our
community: integrity, kindness, compassion and,
above all else, an educational philosophy that
focusses on happiness and success, in that order,
for every student, in every lesson, every day.

Pupils have an exceptionally
well-developed moral code, and
understand that they are responsible
for their own behaviour and for the
well-being of others.

Our objective at Notre Dame is to give every student
a balanced perspective and outlook. Well-being
and independence are built on a sense of self that
is positive, realistic, resilient and secure. It relies on
emotional intelligence and self-awareness, which is
developed by internal conviction and the mindset
to give things a go.
This focus is not an add-on at Notre Dame, nor is
it jumping on the latest bandwagon. The school
radiates a caring attitude which has been embedded
within our ethos for more than 400 years.
Across our entire school community we have
formalised and wide-reaching strategies in place to
promote well-being and resilience, and ultimately
happiness, self-confidence and a wider spiritual
awareness. In the Nursery and Prep School this is
delivered through Project Florecer, and in the
Senior School through a bespoke programme
called The Lestonnac Approach.


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The Lestonnac Approach


Wellbeing Award for Schools 2020-2023