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Farewell Year 13
Year 13 Leavers 2020

We are so sad not to be able to say farewell in person with our usual service in the chapel and celebratory black tie supper. We hope to be able to invite the girls back to school next term but in the meantime, Ros Roberts, Alumnae Manager, has personally delivered these gorgeous gift bags with a hand written and the following content!

- Delicious vanilla biscuit iced with their name lovingly baked in Cobham by a Notre Dame parent, Catherine Fox

- Framed photo of their Year group

- Photo of entire sixth form incl Year 12

- Personalised card

Year 13 Leavers Gift Bag Content

We wish you all the very best ladies and hope to see you soon!

Staff Farewell 2020

This is the time of year where we say farewell to some of our wonderful staff!

Mrs Marsh retires after 32 years of teaching at Notre Dame! Please see her article on the Sports Board by clicking on her image below:

Mrs Marsh - Netball Shoulder Pass


Sue Wallace retires from teaching at the end of term - we thank her for all she has done for the school and are really pleased she will carry on with some learning support maths teaching next year!


Mrs Benli has been our French assistant for over 10 years and is retiring to France. We wish her every happiness.

Yasmine Benli

Sara Winthrop has handed over her drama classes to Mrs Hehir who is back from maternity leave, but Mrs Winthrop will still be with us next year helping out across the school!

Sara Winthrop

Goodbye to Mr Mussard who is officially leaving us at the end of this term

Peter Mussard


Year 6 Ceremony of Achievement 2020

On a very blustery Monday morning we celebrated our wonderful Year 6's achievements at our alternative Ceremony of Achievement in the beautiful grounds of ND.

Year 6 Alternative Ceremony of Achievement

Congratulations to all on receiving their well deserved awards and certificates! We are so proud of each and every one of Year 6 and wish them all the very best in the next stage of their education! 

We are creating a special commemorative video of this and can't wait to share it with you next week!


Year 7 Memories of Their First Year at NDS
Year 7 Groups Photos 2019

Well done to Year 7 for completing their first year at Notre Dame Senior School! You have all done brilliantly, especially during these more challenging time! From our Induction day, through to our latest month of resilience, you have found strength in yourselves, David Guetta (Titanium) and the community of the school. We wish you all the very best as you move into Year 8.

Miss Rowe and the Year 7 Team

Year 7 Memories

Thanks for Preeti G and Ciara S for organising this memory board. 

Chaplain's Corner July 3rd

Our patron, St Jeanne de Lestonnac, experienced many joys, but also many trials and challenges in her life.  Thinking about it, perhaps this is true of every saint, because saints were born as ‘ordinary people’ like you and me and in everybody’s journey of life there are obstacles to be navigated as well as joys to experience.  It is reassuring to know that when we pray, and we ask St Jeanne to join us in our prayers, she can empathise with us and can seek to comfort and guide from her seat in heaven.

St Jeanne de Lestonnac

One message I take from the lives of saints is the ability of saints to see all experiences as a blessing.  Even the difficult experiences.  There is a way, the saints would teach, for all our experiences to be used as a way of helping us to grow closer to God.

St Jeanne was passionate about ‘keeping the flame alive’.  This flame is not a fire of wrath, but instead the flame of energy, light, love, hope and inspiration – the flame in which form the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost.  We all have that flame within us.  St Jeanne encourages us to keep that flame animated, to keep it dancing.

One of the blessings from the challenging times we have been experiencing has been the knowledge that families have been lighting a candle at 7.00pm on Monday evenings, and saying a prayer or sparing a thought for all in our Notre Dame School community.  Thank you for your prayers and thoughts.  This is a very symbolic way of keeping the flame alive.  It has been really important to keep in mind that even though socially-distant, we are one school, one community, one family. 

I encourage you to keep this lighting of a candle and praying for – or thinking about – one another going.  That we are not disparate individuals, but are an energised, hopeful and loving community, joined under the watchful care of St Jeanne, is a real blessing.

God Bless,

Mr George, Chaplain

Year 3 Virtual Learning Portrait Project

Year 3 have been completing their final PSHEE project:  My Virtual Learning Portrait.


Inspired by New York artist Gregg Segal whose work provokes self-reflection by focusing on memory, beliefs and values, the girls have been reflecting on items that they have used in their remote learning journey. 

Year 3 Virtual Learning Portrait

They have used these items to display around themselves as a "virtual learning portrait" - photographing a memory that they will lock into their time capsules, ready for opening in the summer term of year 4.


It has been a remarkable journey of learning for us all, and it is wonderful to see the girls' reflections on what has been important to them during this time.


Thank you to Mrs Bachan for sharing the initial idea from her friend who did something similar in Seoul with her class - a truly international PSHEE lesson!


Well done girls, a wonderful end to a fantastic year!


Mrs Fletcher and Miss Boyd


Unsurprisingly we had a wonderful response to the shout out for sewers and a team of over 16 N.D pupils/parents and relatives have been beavering away over the past couple of months making these much needed garments. 

I'm delighted to say that In total Sheen Scrubs has now made and dispatched 125 (!) sets of scrubs and that is in no small part down to the ND sewers. 

In addition to delivering to Kingston Hospital and some specialist staff at the Old Brompton and Great Ormond Street, we have delivered to large medical centres/surgeries in Kingston, Sheen and Putney as well as Cedars Care Home in Ashford who reached out to us directly following the shout out about the scheme by N.D.  The staff at Cedars kindly shared a photo of them wearing some of the scrubs which I have attached.

There is also a photo in this twitter link from a GP surgery in Putney:

It was so wonderful to see so many people willing to help in these challenging times and turning out such beautifully made scrubs and I can't thank them all enough. What we have been able to achieve together is just wonderful.

A special thank you to the ND girls who got involved. In particular Carys H (10KB) and Eloise A (YR10CO) who did ND proud with all their sewing efforts.  Thanks also to Lara C (YR 8), Emily P (YR8AF), Evie H, Taylor K (YR7CB), Charlotte Guise and Evelyn Flower (YR3) for all lending a hand.

Pictures of ND Girls:

Scrubs for NHS by our ND Families Update

Charlotte G form 4S holding up the scrubs made by her Nana, Sue Henry.

Evelyn F YR3 sewing


N. Tilley


FoND News July 3rd

The Pawsitivly Cute Pets Competition

FoND Pawsitively Cute Pet Competition

Thank you to all who have participated in the first ever "FoND Pawsitively Cute pet competition 2020".  

The Judges did mention it to be a difficult choice of adorable pets, with 55 entries. 

We are pleased to announce that the winners and 2nd and 3rd runner ups of this competition are as follows:

1st - Brodie number  winner ( £30 Amazon vouchers)

2nd – Spartacus number winner ( £20 Amazon vouchers)

3rd – Moriaty number winner (£15 Amazon vouchers)


We have organised a little video for you to enjoy with all the gorgeous pets.


Here is the link:


Sports Board

Farewell from Mrs Marsh

I just wanted to say farewell to everyone as I finish my teaching career after 32 years at Notre Dame (after two years at Tiffin Girls). I have so many happy memories and I have always regarded it as a privilege to teach PE to motivated girls in a happy and beautiful environment. My hope has always been to help individuals fulfil their potential and establish techniques and disciplines in many sports that stay with them, giving confidence and motivation to keep fit for life. I loved sport from an early age starting as a gymnast; I have been very fortunate to enjoy playing high level netball for over 30 years (Warwickshire, British Universities, Scotland, Surrey, South-East) and after that pursued competitive and social tennis. I have tried to pass on this enthusiasm to all the girls I have taught at ND over the years. Many I come across still talk fondly about their netball tours to the Caribbean islands of Grenada and Tobago.

Mrs Marsh - Grenada Netball Tour


My two daughters were fortunate to be educated at ND Prep and Senior Schools.

It is now my time to pause and take time to appreciate life and nature, give more time to my family and look for other opportunities to volunteer.

I look forward to hearing how you are all getting on in the years to come! I will no doubt be popping back to ND from time to time.

Special thanks to Sister Faith Ede who took me on as Head of PE in 1988!


Mrs Marsh - Sports Day Compilation

As this week would have been our annual Sports Day at Guildford Spectrum, I have gathered some photos from some of the NDSS Sports Days that I have organised. I also came across some memorable Netball trips! My first Netball team in 1989 went on to come third in the South East round of National Schools.

 (click on the collage to see the full gallery on our Flickr channel)

Mrs Heather Marsh

Prep Virtual Sports Day Results

Huge congratulations to everyone who has taken part in our first ever Virtual Sports Day! Year 3 and 4 still have 1 more event to do! The final results will be announced during our whole Prep Online Assembly next Wednesday!

House Points earned during Sports Day so far:

Sports Day House Points July 3rd

The top numbers are the HP earned through sports day per year group!

The HP totals so far are at the bottom,

Girls you have until Monday to send any more in!


Mrs Purgavie

Performing Arts

Music Maestros Online Performance

I would like you to see below a wonderful message from Paul Collier, the composer of Music Box Lullaby, who has kindly given us his permission to publish our video on You Tube.

Thank you to Paul for his beautiful music and for these incredibly encouraging comments.  

Girls, this is a real achievement to be proud of.  Your music is being recognised by the composer himself.  I am absolutely thrilled for you.

Here is the recording by our very own Music Maestros!


Thank you to all the girls again for their music, and to Paul for his superb piece that made it all possible.  Here is his original recording on You Tube for you all to hear:​ 


Many thanks and best wishes,


Mrs Shaw. 


From: Paul Collier 
Sent: Thursday, June 25, 2020 12:09 PM
To: Julie Shaw
Subject: RE: Music Box Lullaby


Dear Mrs Shaw,


Wow! That is so beautiful. What an incredibly talented group of girls they are! How could I possibly say no to a kind request to make this recording public? I would be honoured and fully agree that it would be a nice memento. Lock down has been such a negative period in our lifetime so for something so positive to come from it I think is wonderful!

You have my permission to make it public with accreditation on YouTube as it will be something for the girls to look back on with fond memory I hope.

Would you please pass on these words to the girls and their parents...


If I do not see each and every one of you on the TV in a musical setting I will be truly shocked! The talent you have blows me away. Tears in my eyes at how you have made my music sound so beautiful. Expertly played and jaw droppingly sweetly sang. Please keep doing what you are doing!


I wish you, the girls and their families, and your school a safe 2020.




Paul Collier

Year 4 - Dance to Annie

Year 4 have learned this fabulous dance routine to 'Its a Hard Knock Life' from the musical Annie!

They have been posted on Firefly so please click on the images below to watch them!

4SS Dance Routine to Annie
4S Dance Routine to Annie

Mrs Cesar

Reception Dance

Reception girls dancing their Dance Monkey dance! They have been brilliant at learning this dance!

This video is on Firefly and can be enjoyed by clicking on the image below!

Reception Dance Monkey

Mrs Cesar

Distinction For Aoife

We are extremely proud of Aoife for achieving Distinction in her LAMDA exam. She has worked very hard and it has paid off!

Aoife - LAMDA Distinction


Distinction For Ola

Congratulations to Ola (3B) who took her Grade 1 ABRSM piano exam just before the lock-down and passed the exam with a distinction! She’s so happy with this achievement!

ABRSM Piano - Distinction for Ola



Senior Library Board July 3rd
National Writing Day 2020

“The #247challenge is intended as a moment of unity, of freedom and – most importantly – of fun where students, teachers – and anyone who wants to be involved – can enjoy writing together and take a moment to express themselves.”


During Library Lessons, we thought the students in Years 7 -9 would enjoy their own challenge, so we asked them to write a 24- word short story, beginning with the words “One day… “


Here are some of them:

One day I was in Roseville Library when I saw an ancient looking book. When I pulled it, the whole bookcase spun around…

Maddie D, Year 7



One day, I walked outside and found a fox. It stopped and stared at me with beady black eyes. Then it ran away rapidly.

Caitlin M, Year 7



One day I was walking along the beach and saw an enormous shark. It frightened me so ran home and ate some delicious cake.​

Ellie D, Year 8


One Day I Woke Up As Normal

Izzie W, Year 8


One day a man hiked up a steep mountain path. A gale blew him over the edge of a canyon into the never-ending abyss.

Natasha J, Year 9


One day I made a life changing discovery. The vibrant palm leaves swept past the wonderland, revealing an unknown fantasy, my future…the rainforest.

Emily S, Year 9


One day everything changed. Time simply stood still; paralyzing the world, leaving everyone with vacant expressions on their faces, trapped in their own bodies.​

Olive J, Year 9


Chris Evans recently announced the 500 Words:Black Lives matter competition – ‘intended to encourage important conversations at home, at school and across the nation on the issues emerging from the movement.’

The popular initiative encourages children to tap into their own creativity and imagination, using storytelling to share their experience and understanding of how different ethnicities and cultures interact.

Chris Evans' 500 Words: Black Lives Matter 

Chris Evans 500 Words Black Lives Matter

“500 Words is the world’s largest story-writing competition for kids. Over a million stories have been submitted since 2011, in response to everything from technology to climate change. Now, we want to bring children’s voices onto the themes and issues emerging from the Black Lives Matter movement. We want children to lead on the process of writing their story.”

“The narratives we write and share matter. We ask children to draw on their own experiences and feelings to create a story that can be as imaginative and visionary as they want. Storytelling is a must!“


The Difference We Hope To Make

  • To raise awareness of Black Lives Matter through the collation and sharing of original stories written by the youngest in our society, supported in the framework of 500 Words.
  • OUP are children’s language experts. Every year, OUP and 500 Words conduct academic research into the location and number of entries we receive. 500 Words will continue research into the demographics of entrants and what this means going forward for opportunities for BAME and all children together.


Entry requirements

Entry Requirements

We will be encouraging students in Years 7 -9 to enter. For students who are 14, they can enter a school version of the competition, and send to the English Teacher/Librarian.


Mrs Finch


Careers Fair 2017

Can you help inspire our girls? From medicine to marketing, whatever career path you chose after leaving Notre Dame, your experiences are very valuable in helping our girls make important career choices for the future.