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ND6 Open Evening Sep 26th 2019

Come along to our Open Evening and see why ND6 is the right Sixth Form for your daughter!

Date: Thursday 26th September

Time: 7 - 9 pm

Venue: Montaigne Studio and Theatre

"When you think of Sixth Form, a large workload, stressful UCAS applications and no social life comes to mind. When we think of ND6, leadership opportunities, closer friendships and engaging lessons come to our minds"

ND6 Open Evening Image


Discovery CREST Awards

Congratulations to the current Year 8 girls who achieved their Crest Discovery Award.  In the Summer Term of Year 7, the students researched into either Brine Shrimp and their ecosystems (they hatched the eggs and then looked at how light, temperature etc. affected the organisms) or the chemistry behind bath bombs and shampoos.  All the girls worked extremely well throughout the project and impressed the teachers with their organisation and their laboratory skills.

Discovery Crest Awards 2019

Dr Prideaux

Silver Crest Awards Sep 2019

Congratulations to Manasa A, Vitoria SF and Isabella B who achieved their Silver Crest Award.  They developed a biodegradable plastic using potato starch.  They then looked at how they could use this plastic.  The girls realised that gardeners, buying plants in plastic pots, generate a lot of plastic waste.  So the group used their plastic to create a special type of bag that you would buy your plant in from the garden centre, carry it home and then put the plant directly in the soil, but still in the bag.  The bag would then break down naturally in the soil!  Well done to the girls for their excellent idea.

Silver Crest Awards - Plastics

Dr Prideaux

Chaplain's Corner Sep 13th

This month is National Friendship Month. As we start the new school year there is always a focus on making new friends, catching up with old friends and settling in with others.

As a concept, friendship is so important. As humans, we need the interaction with others in our lives. Medical studies have shown that the benefits of friendship include:

·         A sense of belonging and purpose

·         Reducing stress and anxiety

·         Improving happiness, confidence and self esteem

·         Support and encouragement during the “tough times”


“Friends also play a significant role in promoting your overall health. Adults with strong social support have a reduced risk of many significant health problems, including depression, high blood pressure and an unhealthy body mass index (BMI). Studies have even found that older adults with a rich social life are likely to live longer than their peers with fewer connections.” (Source- The Mayo Clinic;


As a child, I had a friend with whom I was very close. We did lots of growing up together, going to ballet lessons, singing in the church choir and having tea at each other’s houses at least once a week, it seemed. However as we went to different senior schools, we slowly lost touch and we did not see each other at all for a number of years. After about 20 years of not seeing each other - and thanks to the wonder of social media - we met up five years ago and went for dinner. Unfortunately (but happily in a way), the meals we ordered ended up cold and hardly touched as we chatted together, just as if we’d never been apart. It was wonderful to see that after the passing of so much time, my friend was just the same as she was when we were girls and that the qualities that made us friends were still there. She is still a warm, kind, loving and fun person and when we met last week, we spent over three hours talking solidly, until the restaurant was closing and we had to drive home. For me this sums up entirely how friendship should be. We are not always in each other's pockets but we know that the other is always there for a chat, a coffee or a cheeky Friday night pizza!

So this month, National Friendship Month, remember your friends and make an extra effort to spend some time with them. Just look at the benefits they bring you that I have listed above!  St Jeanne spoke of the importance of friends and urged her sisters to “keep friendship alive” among them. Indeed, this is our theme for the year at Notre Dame. So let’s start now and continue to work to strengthen the bonds of friendship among our community here.


Have a fantastic, fun-filled weekend.


Mrs Hopkins


FoND News Sep 13th

Ice Cream Sales

Ice Cream Sales

Ice cream will be sold this afternoon at our usual spot in the Prep playground.   We hope to see many of you there enjoying a delicious ice lolly treat! 

Empties Please

Empties Please Certificate

We are so pleased to inform you all that you have raised £116 with the new ‘Empties Please’ initiative. This is brilliant and easy money made for the school as all you need to do is drop off your empty ink cartilages in the box in the Main School Office, or in the box at the entrance of the Nursery building.

Christmas Fair

Our Christmas Fair brochure is being put together by the amazing Claire Burke.   Should you wish to advertise your business in the school’s Christmas Fair brochure – and for any more information about this, please contact Claire directly on  or on mobile number 07712 002178.


Nearly New Uniform Sales

Nearly New Uniform Poster


Empties Please 

Empties Please Poster


Sports Board

Prep Sports Board Sep 13th

Sasha Corbin Solo Session

On Monday 9th September, the Yr 4&5 Netball club girls had a fantastic ‘Solo Session’ run by Sasha Corbin. Sasha has 72 England Netball Caps and also plays for Saracens Mavericks. It was a brilliant session, were the girls focused on snatching the ball, taking their feet to the ball as well as attacking movement. I hope the girls will use the skills they learnt in the coming netball season.

Sasha Corbin Solo session with Y4&5 Netball Club


U10A and B Hockey Tournament

Good Luck to the U10A and B hockey teams, playing in their first tournament of the year at Downsend school. Pictures and results will be posted on twitter.



Monday 23rd September- U10A-E Netball v GHS AWAY

Tuesday 24th September- U11A&B Hockey @ ND v CLFS 3:30pm

Tuesday 24th September- U11 C& D Hockey v CLFS AWAY 3:30pm

Monday 30th September- U11 A- D Netball v GHS @ ND 4:00pm

Tuesday 1st October- U11 IAPS Hockey Qualifier @ Hurstpierpoint College – ALL DAY

Tuesday 1st October- U11A and B Hockey v Rowan AWAY 3:15pm

Tuesday 1st October- U11A-D Netball v Claremont AWAY 2:30pm

Thursday 3rd October- U9A-D Netball v Rowan @ND 2:45pm

Thursday 3rd October- U8-U11 Gala v Rowan @ ND 4:00pm



Hockey Kit

We have now had our first full week back at school, therefore next week we expect all girls to have their FULL hockey kit in school. I will be sending messages home to those children who do not have their correct kit.


Mrs Purgavie



This week I have been timing the girls in their swimming lessons and I have now selected the girls that I would like to attend swim squad. The invitation letters should hopefully have been sent out today.


Unfortunately some girls were absent and I will try to time these girls asap. Some of the girls are very close to swim squad standards and I would like a little more time to fully assess them so I may well invite more girls over the next few weeks once I have had an opportunity to see them swim again.


I am continually assessing the girls and please tell your daughters not to worry there will be other opportunities throughout the year when I may invite more girls to join.


I have decide at this time not to invite any of the Year 1 pupils, as I think they need a little more time to settle in and work on the distance they can swim before asking them to swim full lengths at swim squad.


If you have received an invitation to join swim squad please could you complete the form on firefly.

Mrs Jones


Senior Sports Board Sep 13th


Well done to all the Year 7’s who attended the Netball trials after school on Wednesday.  There are six squads to play on Wednesday 18th September either in match v Manor House or in training matches - all finish at 5.30pm.

The U16A&B Netball teams started the season with excellent matches v Tormead, ND Year 11 A team were goal for goal until the last minute when Tormead pulled ahead 29-27. ND U16B team had a convincing win 31-11 with excellent teamwork.

The ND U13 Netballers had a continuation of trials in a match situation v Sir William Perkins. Although we lost the A&B matches 8-15 and 10-16, ND U13C squad had a good win 10-9.

Teams are not set and will be selected based on training sessions, PE lessons and matches.


Good luck to the U13A Hockey squad in their tournament tomorrow.

PE Kit

Please can parents check that all PE kit is named and pupils have all PE kit in school.

Fixtures and Training Schedule

Sport at ND Sep 16 - 20th

Heather Marsh

ND Girls Take part in 5K Races

Last Sunday, 8th September, Ruby C (6S) and Molly C (8CJ) ran the New Forest 5K. They were cheered on by their cousin Theia R (Squirrel Class)

Here they are wearing their well-deserved medals!

Cowden Sisters run New Forest 5K


During the summer Lexi T (6) kept her fitness levels up by entering the weekly 5K Park Run!  Well done Lexi!

Lexi T - Park Run Medal


Performing Arts

Senior Drama and Music

We had a fantastic turn out for the auditions for “Grease” this week. Over 60 girls turned up to audition full of enthusiasm and talent. Miss Graham, Miss Arthur and Mrs Hehir have a really tough job ahead of them to cast this production. Thank you to all the girls that turned up to audition and good luck ladies!

Grease Auditions


Prep Drama Board Sep 13th

Mr Lawson Lean, our new Head of Prep Drama, has had a fantastic first week meeting all the girls and teaching them their first lessons of the year. He is very much looking forward to working with the girls during the year ahead and has lots of exciting projects planned.

Year 5 and 6 drama lesson


Prep Music Board Sep 13th

Mrs Shaw is a Published Author!

Enlivening Faith -Mrs Shaw Published Paper_1

Mrs Shaw was very excited to receive a copy of her first published paper this week. The Emmaus Road: an Easter Cantata was published by Peter Lang in the book 'Enlivening Faith' with contributions from 19 other authors on the subject of Music, Spirituality and Christian Theology. The paper discusses the Year 5 Easter Cantata project in relation to the aims and ethos of St Jeanne

Music Clubs and Ensembles

Music Clubs begin next Monday 16 September.  

If you have not signed up for any clubs yet you can use this Firefly consent form to sign up for all Music clubs, regardless of whether they are during the school day or not.

If you are on the waiting list for Djembe Club or Samba Club from last year you MUST reapply this year to be given a preferred place.  If you do not reapply we will assume you no longer want the place. Mr Sweeney will be in contact with successful applicants by next Tuesday 17th.


Instrumental Lessons


Instrumental lessons began yesterday.  If you have not already signed up for instrumental lessons you can submit the online application form here:

All of the information about instrumental lessons and timetables can be found here:

Faith and Music Assemblies

Friday 20 September 4S – Keeping Friendship Together

Friday 27 September 6C – God’s love for all of God’s family




Prep Library News Sep 13th

Roald Dahl Day  

Roald Dahl Day

Today, Friday 13th September, the Prep Library celebrates famous author Roald Dahl’s birthday.


On this day, each year, there is a global celebration of this wonderful storyteller, including the story of his life and inspirations, as well as his much-loved stories and the unforgettable characters he created. This year the focus is on the character of Matilda – the brave and adventurous child who loves reading and is not afraid to stand up for what is right.




 “The books transported her into new worlds and introduced her to amazing people who lived exciting lives.”


“These books gave Matilda a hopeful and comforting message: You are not alone.”


Roald Dahl, Matilda


There are many ideas for exciting activities and competition entries on the Roald Dahl website:




Ollie Heath visit Thursday 3rd October

We are delighted to announce that Ollie Heath is coming to visit Notre Dame Prep School very soon. Ollie is a musician who puts books to music, using rhythm, jingles and songs. There will be a series of music themed workshops during the day, and the children will be playing an active part in helping Ollie to create lots of music to accompany their favourite books. More details to follow.

Chatterbooks Book Club for Year 6

The first meeting of the Chatterbooks club will take place after the residential trip next week. Join us on Thursday 26th September, in the Prep Library,  during the afternoon activity break from 2.10pm. The club is open to Year 6 and all are welcome to come along.

Mrs Hughes

Senior Library News Sep 13th

It is fantastic to see the Library filling up again with enthusiastic Library and study students. Some of our Year 7s have enjoyed tours of the Senior Library and there was much excitement when they chose the first fiction book for their reading passports and their new book marks!

During their fortnightly Library lessons, students in Years 7, 8 and 9 will be receiving new Reading Passports. This is a very popular scheme where they ‘travel through’ their passports by reading books of different genres; complete book reviews and acquire stamps. Once the passport is complete, a Notre Dame Book Award is given. We were delighted to have awarded so many last year – and given out badges for great attitudes towards reading. We will be encouraging students to embrace the scheme by reading books from different authors, including those in our new Children’s Classics section.

At Notre Dame, students in Years 7 – 9 are also given set holiday reading each term and the Summer Holiday book reviews are flooding into the Senior Library at a faster rate than Hogwarts letters going to Harry Potter. We look forward to reading them and listening to discussions about summer reads. 

Passport to Reading

Mrs Finch


Careers Fair 2017

Can you help inspire our girls? From medicine to marketing, whatever career path you chose after leaving Notre Dame, your experiences are very valuable in helping our girls make important career choices for the future.