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Young Enterprise Update May 17th

Little Life Skills

Young Enterprise - Little Life Skills

This year, 18 of us in the 6th form have come together to design and publish a book for children aged 4-7 on the importance of looking after the environment. We are extremely proud of our book and especially those who have hand illustrated and written the story. The story follows Oshani Otter and Russel Rabbit as they embark on an educational but highly entertaining journey of learning the importance of recycling.


Every year, Young Enterprise hosts a competition where students from across England have the chance to create and run their own company and compete against others. This year we have managed to make it through to the regional finals, where we will be pitching our company against others in various counties.

We would greatly appreciate it if you would have a look at our wonderful product and recommend it to any friends and family with younger children. Below, the link is attached to the website where the book is for sale.

Little Life Skills- Looking After Our Environment | YE Trading Station (


If you have any queries please email:


Young Enterprise - Little Life Skills

Thank you,

Little Life Skills

Chaplain's Corner May 17th 2024

On Sunday the Church will celebrate the great feast of Pentecost.  It is a great feast because just as Christmas celebrates the coming of the second person of the Trinity, Jesus, so Pentecost celebrates the coming of the third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit.

In scripture, the Acts of the Apostles describes the apostles being gathered together in one room when suddenly they experienced what seemed to be tongues of fire, resting on the heads of each of them, and the sound of a powerful wind, filling the entire house.  Those gathered were able to speak and understand in different languages.  Those gathered understood from Peter that they must be baptised in the name of Jesus and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.  From this, the earliest Christian communities were founded.

great feast of Pentecost

On the 40th day after his resurrection, Jesus ascended into heaven.  He told his followers, those who could hear him, not to be afraid, as they would not be left on their own.  The Holy Spirit would come to be with them.  While he walked on earth, the number of people who could come to know God through the person of Jesus was very limited.  Although large crowds often gathered to see and hear Jesus, his ministry necessarily took place within a small geographical area.  Unless someone lived within that same small geographical area they could not have met Jesus; they could not have come to know God through direct contact with the person of Jesus.

Christian belief is that God is one God, three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Each of Father, Son and Holy Spirit is fully God.  The Holy Spirit is fully God, just as Jesus is fully God.  Unlike the person of Jesus, the Holy Spirit can be and is in all places at all times.  It is the Holy Spirit who is an active presence in our lives and in the world of today.  It does not matter whereabouts in the world we are, the Spirit is present and the Spirit is active.

The Holy Spirit is an empowering and transforming power.  The forms in which the Holy Spirit was revealed to the apostles – wind and fire – are symbols of change.  Wind and fire change the environment around them, often dramatically.  The Holy Spirit changes everything.  The Holy Spirit changes us.

This Pentecost, may the Holy Spirit inspire each of us to be a positive change in the world around us.  May we be empowered by the Holy Spirit to make our world an ever-better place.

Come, Holy Spirit, fill our hearts with your love;

set our lives aflame with your gifts.


Mr George, School Chaplain

Tooled Up Newsletter May 17th

This week is Mental Health Week so our focus this week is on mental health awareness. But when it comes to mental health, what is that parents need to be aware of?

Tooled Up May 17th

Let’s start with some facts. Adolescence (spanning 9-24 years) is a time of vulnerability to mental health conditions. The World Health Organisation estimates that half of all psychiatric conditions emerge before the age of 14, 75% by the age of 24. Most of these go undetected and untreated.

What can we do? As leading clinical psychologist and author, Dr Lucy Foulkes argues, we can become more literate regarding what mental illness really is and isn’t. For example, it’s normal to feel nervous before a test or exam, but full-blown panic attacks require clinical attention. It is normal to be anxious about upcoming events but that anxiety should not be stopping us from participating or doing what we normally love and enjoy. 

We need to help our children understand that life is full of ups and downs but that there are things we can do to proactively manage daily stressors and strains. This starts with modelling coping within family life. Our Coping Menu provides a great springboard for family discussion about which activities belong in our personal toolkits. Aligned with this approach is ensuring that we are giving our children an expressive vocabulary that allows them to give words to feelings. Listen to our podcast with Professor Marc Brackett on this theme. Our booklist on emotional literacy for younger children can help kickstart chats, and for those parenting teens, tuning into our webinars on topics such as anger or performance anxiety with clinical psychologist, Dr Anna Colton, will enrich your knowledge.

For all families, exploring the quality of sleep we all get is a great investment in good mental health. Watch back our recent Q&A with sleep consultants, a presentation on adolescent sleep by Dr Faith Orchard or put your own family sleep routines under the microscope using our audit tool!

We want to keep young minds active. We’ve been working with philosophy charity SAPERE, and we’re delighted to invite Tooled Up parents to our upcoming webinar Experience Philosophy For Children: Monday 20th May, 19:00 BST. This fascinating and interactive session will introduce what it means to philosophise, with activities and ideas for enquiries you can do at home! Register here.

Lastly, no matter the age of your child, don’t forget the importance of play, time outdoors, exercise, fun and simply investing in that connection with your children. All of these activities listed are good for you and good for them!

To access Tooled Up the details are all on Firefly and can be accessed by clicking on the image above or here!

Parent Online Tips - May 17th

Every week e-safety adviser Alan Mackenzie sends weekly updates. They are useful teaching resources but also parent guides to keep you up to date with current trends. Here are a few from this week's updates:

Jessie and Friends (4-7 Year Olds)

4-7 Year olds Website

I find that most schools I visit tend to know about this resource from CEOP, however when I do the parent talks they are not aware.

Jessie and Friends is a great resource that parents can use to engage with their younger children about worrying or frightening situations online. When questions answer a question correctly they earn a star and can download a certificate to colour in.

Jessie and Friends can be found HERE.

Wellbeing Apps for Kids

Wellbeing Aps for Kids

With wellbeing increasingly hot on the agenda, helping children manage their health and wellbeing is a top priority. Nothing can beat getting out in the fresh air, meeting friends and having fun, but some children may find apps useful for things such as learning about emotions, managing anxiety etc. There are thousands of these types of apps, but to cut through the fog Internet Matters have put together a list which gives details such as: suitable ages, purpose, how the app works and (where applicable) the cost.

Mrs Plummer


Sports Board

Senior Sports Board May 17th 2024

Outside School Sporting Success

We love to hear about your daughters' achievements in sport outside school. Please do share any photos and news with us and we will include it in the Friday Mailing! (email


A big congratulations to Year 11 pupil, Carmen R, who is now ranked as Number 1 in the UK in the High Jump in the U17 age category. We are immensely proud of her achievements and will continue to follow her progress over the summer months.

Carmen No 1 GB High Jump U17


Acro Gymnastics Bronze for Chloe

Another amazing weekend for our GB gymnast Chloe placing 3rd in the FIG ACRO World Cup Championships last week in Bulgaria! What is also so impressive is that she is preparing for her A levels too and is managing to juggle both! We are so proud of you Chloe!

ACRO World Championships May 2024


Last weekend Miss Dudgeon competed for the South East O55s Team in the Regional Masters Hockey Tournament held at Basingstoke Hockey Club. In very hot conditions 7 matches were played over the weekend against the other regional teams, with the South East winning one game, drawing three and losing three. A fantastic weekend of hockey!

Good luck to Mrs Tomlinson who is representing the South East this weekend in the O50s team.


Sophie Dudgeon


Congratulations to Farnborough FC, Year 13 Izzy W and her teammates on a brilliant first season! HCWFL Division 3 Champions and winners of the Hampshire FA Women’s Trophy!! We can’t wait to see what next season brings!!

Izzy W - Farnborough WFC Winners


British Champs for Lucy D!

Huge congratulations to Lucy D who has qualified for the British Champs in the 100 Back and the 100fly. She also qualified for English Champs in the 200 back.  This is obviously a significant achievement and she is delighted. Well done Lucy and Good Luck!!

Lucy D - British Swimming Champs Qualifier 2024


Medals for Ava

Ava T took part in Windsor Open Meet over the weekend. She swam in 10 events, set 8 PB’s and got 7 medals across various strokes and distances. Well done Ava!

Ava T - Swimming Medals at Windsor Open Meet


Please check SOCS where all of the sports fixtures can be found!

SOCS - sports calendar

Miss Paul

Director of Sport

Prep Sports Board May 17th 2024



Huge congratulations to our awesome Prep swimmers who competed at the ESSAs last weekend! Our Freestyle Relay Team came an impressive 3rd & qualified for the National finals in Sheffield and our Medley Relay team finished 5th and also qualified for the National finals! We are so proud of them! 

ESSA Finalists 2024

Year 6 Inclusive Gala v Wimbledon High 

On Thursday 2nd May we hosted an all inclusive Year 6 Gala against Wimbledon High School.

Both schools invited all their year 6 girls to take part. 

We divided the girls into 4 teams. Each person had at least 3 swims. It was lovely to see the girls cheering each other and supporting their class mates.

Although some of the girls were nervous they all took part and gave 100% effort. 

The results were: 

Team 1 - 35 ND - 25 WH

Team 2 - 26 ND - 34 WH

Team 3 -  32ND - 28 WH

Team 4 - 31 ND -29 WH

So many close races , final results ND 124 - WH 116 - a win for ND Year 6. 

Thanks to Wimbledon High for bringing their Year 6 to us and to all the girls for having a go. I hope you enjoyed the experience. 

Year 2 Gala on Tuesday 7th May.

Our Year 2 swim squad girls took part in their first swimming Gala on Tuesday 7th May. 

We swam against St Hilary’s, 

The 8 girls that took part were so excited and told me they loved the gala and wanted to do it again. That is lovely to hear. The girls swam so well and although it was very close Notre Dame managed to secure the Win. Thanks to St Hilary’s for bringing their Year 2 Girls and Boys. 

Year 2 Swim Squad May 2024

Can’t wait to see the Year 2 girls in lots more galas next year. 

Inter-Squad Gala 2024

The annual Prep Inter-squad Swimming Gala was held on Tuesday 14th May with over 50 girls competing including 8 year 2 girls. We witnessed some really exciting races. New records were set, so this shows how well the girls were swimming. Every girl set at least one new personal best time.

Inter Squad Gala 2024

A full gallery has been uploaded to Firefly and can be seen by clicking on the collage above


Mrs Jones, Prep Swimming Teacher


The girls have been honing their hurdles, long jump and high jump skills during athletics club this week.

Check out their progress on our Sports Instagram account by clicking on the image below:

Prep Athletics - Long Jump



U11 C-E v Surbiton High

It was their first cricket match of the season and they had a great afternoon! A very close loss, a win and a loss for Team ND!

All good preparation of our tour matches in Jersey next week!

U11 C-E Cricket v Surbiton

U9 v Feltonfleet

Our Year 4s enjoyed a lovely afternoon of cricket last Friday - we won one and lost two.

U9 Cricket v Feltonfleet

ERPSSA Biathlon

Yesterday we hosted the Elmbridge & Runnymede School Sport Association Biathlon. Congratulations to just under 80 girls who competed in this event. Excellent swimming and running everyone! The results will be posted shortly!

The photos have been uploaded to Firefly and can be seen by clicking on the collage below:

ERPSSA Biathlon 2024

Outside School Sporting Success

We love to hear about your daughters' achievements in sport outside school. Please do share any photos and news with us and we will include it in the Friday Mailing! (email



Mrs Tomlinson
Acting Head of Prep PE


Please do check SOCS for the Spring Term fixtures and events.


SOCS - sports calendar

(you should have been sent your password from the school office)


Oxshott Netball Club Trials

If you are Over 14 and are keen to join this competitive club, please do attend the trials on the following days: 

Oxshott Netball Club Trials


Sport 101 Hockey Academy
Sport 101 Hockey Academy


Performing Arts

Senior Drama Board May 17th 2024

Notre Dame Senior Inter-House Drama Festival 2024

On Tuesday 14th May, staff and students gathered in the Montaigne Theatre in anticipation of an afternoon of entertainment – and entertained we certainly were!

Pupil casts drawn from Years 7 -9 played to a packed house and delivered four highly polished ensemble performances that truly highlighted the acting talent within Lower School at Notre Dame. Each production had been skillfully directed by teams of Year 10 GCSE Drama students who collaborated to craft and shape the performance material to stage their own distinctive interpretations. There was much for our guest adjudicator Actor / Director David Warwick to admire who had the hard task of deciding the award winners amongst numerous individuals who made their mark and indeed the winning production.

After the audience gained some valuable creative insights through a quick Q&A with the directing teams the final adjudication was revealed and awards duly presented by Head of Senior School (or Senior School Head?), Mrs King and the winners were:


Best Newcomer Performer - Poppy T Year 7 Eyquem

Best Ensemble Performer - Bailey T Year 8 Montferrant

Best Actor - Ester J Year 9 Lestonnac

Best Production - Goblin on a String Montaigne House directed by Megan E, Emily J, Poppy M, Jess T and Hannah W.

Inter House Drama Winners 2024

Huge congratulations to all who took part for a fantastic Inter-House Drama Festival!

All of the photos have been uploaded to Firefly and can be seen by clicking on the collages above

Mr Cook, Director of Drama

Prep LAMDA Showcase 2024

On Thursday evening, the Year 4 and 5 LAMDA girls delighted their parents with a wonderful display of duologues and monologues in the Theatre. The girls poured their hearts and creativity into their performances, showcasing imaginative work in preparation for their upcoming exams in June.

The evening was filled with different characters, including Hansel and Gretel, Snow White and the Wicked Queen, as well as a host of animals like rats, mice, hamsters, and wolves! Each girl took charge of her own makeup, face paints, and hair and put their own sets together.

These exams are invaluable for building the girls' confidence, self-awareness and communication skills.

I am looking forward to the Year 6 Showcase after half-term.

Congratulations to all the performers!

All of the photos have been uploaded to Firefly and can be seen by clicking on the collage below:

Y3-5 LAMDA Showcase 2024


Mrs Alderin, Prep LAMDA Teacher

Prep Music Board Friday May 17th

Faith and Music Assemblies


Congratulations to 4F on their lovely Faith and Music Assembly this morning which was on the theme 'Being reconciled to God in love'.

The variety of playing, the singing and the readings were all so lovely!.

All of the musicians and readers were recorded, and these can be seen on Firefly by clicking on the collage below:

4F Faith and Music Assembly 2024


Mrs Shaw, Head of Prep Music

Senior Music Board May 17th 2024

Joint 1st Prize for Georgina!

ABC Logo

On Saturday, Georgina B competed in the SW Harp Competition, where she played a cover of the Billie Eilish song, ‘What Was I Made For?’, followed by her own composition, ‘Morning Dew’.

She won joint 1st prize in her category and commendations for her piece.


Well done Georgina!

Ballerina of The Week May 17th

RAD Ballet Exam Success

Congratulations to Amelia H who received a High Merit for her Grade 3 ballet exam!

Amelia H - RAD Grade 3



Prep Library Board May 17th

Easter Reading Challenge

Certificates have been awarded to the children that completed the Easter Reading Challenge.  Due to popular demand . . . a Summer Reading Challenge is being created!

Easter Reading Challenge Certificates 2024

Date for your diary

Barnes Childrens Literature Festival 2024

The Barnes Children’s Literature Festival promises to be a weekend filled with opportunities to interact with some of your favourite authors and illustrators. 

Chris Riddell will be introducing his beautiful new covers for his Costa Award-winning Goth Girl series and drawing live!

CBeebies Minibeast Adventure presenter, vet & zoologist, Dr Jess French, will be talking about lots of weird & wonderful animals.

Sophie Anderson, acclaimed author of The House with Chicken Legs, The Girl Who Speaks Bear and The Snow Girl will be taking you on a magical adventure through folk and fairy tales. Hear about the traditional tales that have inspired her and find out how to recreate fairy tales for yourself.

Other guests include Jacqueline Wilson, Rob Biddulph, Chris Riddell, Liz Pichon, Micheal Rosen, A F Steadman and NHS Junior Doctor Roopa Farooki!

Further information is available below.

What's On 2024 - Barnes Children's Literature Festival (


If you go to the Festival, please take photographs with your favourite authors.  They can be featured in the Friday Mailing!


Mrs Kewley, Prep School Librarian

Senior Library Board May 17th
Eurovision Song Contest 2024

Many of us will have watched the Eurovision Song Contest Final on Saturday night… In fact, approximately 7.64 million people in the UK tuned in. This year’s contest was hosted by the vibrant city of Malmö, following Sweden’s win last year in Liverpool, with Loreen and the song ‘Tatoo’ which received 583 points.

It was the third time that Malmö has hosted the Eurovision Song Contest (1992 and 2013) and Sweden has hosted now for the seventh time.

Background (Official Eurovision Website)

  • The Eurovision Song Contest began as a technical experiment in television broadcasting.
  • The first Eurovision Song Contest was held on May 24, 1956, and saw seven nations compete: the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg and Italy. Austria and Denmark wanted to take part but missed the deadline, and the United Kingdom sent their apologies as they were busy with their own contest that year.
  • In the first edition, each country submitted two songs.
  • The idea for the Eurovision Song Contest came from RAI - The Italian national broadcasting organisation.
  • For technical reasons, the first Eurovision Song Contest in 1956 was held in Switzerland due to its geographical centrality.
  • In the first few contests, participating artists sang in their native language, but songwriters soon realised that the more universal the lyrics, the more likely the sounds would resonate with juries.
  • Rules have changed over the years regarding performing in your country’s native language, inclusion of dance moves and the use of backing track vocals (brought in the reduce the number of delegation members needed to travel during the COVID-19 pandemic).

The Origins of Eurovision | Eurovision Song Contest

Did you know - Eurovision Quiz

Let the Eurovision Song Contest Begin!




Hosts Malin Akerman and Petra Mede welcomed 25 countries to the stage for the Grand Finale.




For Eurovision fans, the evening was certainly eventful. If you haven’t seen the highlights, the BBC produced an 86 clip which featured some of the acts including the UK’s Ollie Alexander (Dizzy), Ireland’s Bambie Thug (Doomsday Blue) and our own national treasure, Joanna Lumley delivering the UK telephone vote.

Eurovision 2024 final highlights... in 86 seconds - BBC News

Graham Norton was our commentator and did not disappoint with his quips, humour and Eurovision knowledge - although even he was slightly taken aback at the ‘nil points’ given to Olly Alexander in the telephone voting. Throughout the evening, we had whacky performances, flamboyant costumes (skimpy to the bizarre) and there was an eclectic mix of ballads, rock, pop, punk and folk.

As Eurovision 2024 also coincided with Abba’s 50th Anniversary of ‘Waterloo’, ABBAtars appeared via video link from London and there was a powerful rendition of the song by past winners Charlotte Perrelli who won the contest for Sweden in 1999, Carola who won for Sweden in 1991 (and first took the contest to Malmö the following year) and Conchita Wurst who had a memorable win for Austria in 2014.

Favourites from the outset included Croatia and Switzerland and with Switzerland topping the board with the jury vote, there was a nail-biting finish when Swiss singer Nemo won the competition with his song ‘The Code’ – a very compelling hybrid of opera and hip-hop; with the bookies favourite - Croatia’s Baby Lasagna coming second.

Eurovision Favourites 2024

Grand Final of Malmö 2024 - Eurovision Song Contest


Eurovision Contestant Flags

For the keen statisticians amongst us, the published voting results in detail can be analysed at:

Eurovision Winner

Congratulations to Switzerland! We look forward to Eurovision 2025!


Mrs Finch, Senior School Librarian