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ND Marketing Campaign Shortlisted in the TES Independent Schools Awards 2020!
TES Shortlist for Marketing Campaign of The Year Award

We are delighted to have been shortlisted in the TES Independent School Awards 2020 in the Marketing Campaign of The Year category.  We have worked hard over the last three years to transform the ‘Customer Journey’ for prospective parents, so that it has the Notre Dame ethos embedded at its heart at every step.  This means an unwavering commitment to exceptional standards of customer care, underpinned by honesty, empathy and integrity. Our vision was for an admissions journey that was accessible, transparent, kind and therefore significantly less stressful for parents and children alike.  We are delighted that the success of this innovative approach has been recognised at a national level.

Year 2 Reflecting at Forest School

On Monday 11th November, during their weekly visit to Forest School, Year 2 reflected on the importance of Armistice Day. They carefully constructed their own poppy using acer leaves and some pine cones. They held a two minute silence followed by a very thought-provoking discussion. This was a wonderful opportunity for the children to reflect on the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) aspects of the curriculum.

Year 2 Reflecting on Remembrance Day at Forest School

Miss Harris and Mrs Skuse

Infant Water and Wildlife Assembly

This week, Reception joined the Infants for a special talk from Surrey Wildlife Trust.  They learnt about how human activity such as littering can be harmful to the environment and about ways that we can make positive changes.  They had a story about an otter called Eliotter and her journey from an oil-filled lake to a gorgeous lake on the River Wey.

Infants Water and Wildlife Assembly

😊Mrs Hunt

Year 8 Hindu Temple Visit
Year 8 Theology Trip to The Hindu Temple

On Tuesday 12th November 2019 we (Year 8) went on a trip to a Hindu Temple where we got to experience what it was like to go and worship there. This temple was very different to other temples I have been to before. I was quite surprised that there was a farm of cows and bulls as it was a unique thing to have near worshipping areas. It was really fun at the farm part of the temple, as we got to feed the cows carrots, which was their favourite. We even got to go on a cart which was pulled along by cows. The man steering the cart spoke to the cows in a different language; he said things like ‘ja’ meaning go right. The farm helped us see what they do to follow the belief of ‘Ahisma’ which means that Hindus believe that if they hurt any living thing they would be hurting themselves by doing so. The animals and plants on the farm were very well looked after.


We took off our shoes before entering the temple itself, as a mark of respect. We then went into a room where we were taught more about the temple and what Hindus do and believe. A lady dressed up six of us as the Trimurti and their wives so we could learn more about them. The lady who was teaching us told us that this temple mainly worshipped the god Krishna, and so the temple was filled with paintings and pictures of Krishna. The god, Krishna, has blue skin and is the god of compassion, tenderness and love. People sing the song ‘Hare Krishna’ which I had a lot of fun joining in. There were statues of Krishna and the Trimurti and other gods. The statues were decorated with flowers and special clothes which are changed every day.


At lunch we ate a vegetable curry with crackers, rice and chips on the side. Even though at first I wasn’t very keen to try it, it tasted really good and it is something I would definitely eat again. We all sat in columns on the floor to eat and we were served our food. I wondered how they could feed so many people in just one day and still have enough to give out seconds. It made me realise how big the Hindu community truly is, it was great seeing everyone come together.


Another thing we all enjoyed was dressing up in a sari, which is a piece of clothing that women wear to worship. It had beautiful pastel patterns on and was very light and easy to wear over our clothes. We also got to have our face or hand painted with distinctive flower patterns. These things helped us learn a lot about the culture of Hindu women.


Before we left, we went to the gift shop which was filled with things like handmade bamboo flutes and mood rings. It was an amazing trip and I hope that the future Year 8 students will get to go and enjoy the experience as we did. I will definitely visit a Hindu temple outside of school with my family. Thank you very much to the teachers who planned and supervised the trip.


By Lex Gabriella A

ND6 Safe Drive Stay Alive Trip

Safe Drive Stay Alive has become a firm fixture in the education calendar for Year 12s in Surrey.

Safe Drive Stay Alive Logo

Around one in four deaths on the road in the UK is aged 17-24.

Safe Drive Stay Alive is produced by a road safety partnership including Surrey Police, Local Councils and the Emergency Services. Each partner has been working for years to reduce the number of people dying on the roads.

The Safe Drive Stay Alive campaign reaches new and pre-drivers in an emotive and hard-hitting way, influencing behaviour and attitude on the roads.

Safe Drive Stay Alive 2019


Y10 Spanish Trip to Southampton University

Day of the Dead- El día de los Muertos

Y10 Spanish Trip to Southampton University

On 6th November, a group of Year 10 Spanish students went to Southampton University to attend lectures on The Day of the Dead -El día de los Muertos. Upon arrival we were immersed in Mexican culture; the vibrant colours and sugar skulls. We then entered the lecture halls to learn about the positive connotations of death and family through the movie “Coco”.

Overall, it was a very interesting insight into Mexican traditions and culture.

We would like to thank Mr Fernandez and Mrs MacDonald for taking us on this trip.

Day of The Dead

Manasa A and the Year 10 Spanish Group.

Rag Week 2019
Rag Week Fundraisers 2019

With this year’s theme of ‘Decades’, the Sixth Form enjoyed dressing up in the fashion trends of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s; recent history for us but more of a blast from the past for the teachers! Over four hectic days, we managed to raise over £2000 for the Evelina Children’s Hospital in London, which has helped a few of our own Notre Dame girls in the past. Senior School girls had the chance to indulge in sweet sales, a cake sale and a long-awaited Domino’s pizza lunch, not to mention an extremely loud Year 8 pool party. On our final day, the Sixth Form put together a ‘Band Aid’ style concert for the girls in which we performed a number of dances from Glee’s ‘Anyway you want it’ to the Backstreet Boys’ ‘I want it that way’ in addition to a hilarious and truly unforgettable performance of Blondie’s ‘One way or another’ by the staff. What started off as weeks of stressful planning shaped into a successful week of fundraising for such a worthy cause.

Thank you very much for all your donations – they are very much appreciated.


Emanuela N and Georgia M

Here we are dancing to The Back street Boys:

Chaplain's Corner Nov 15th

In Flanders Fields

The poem by John McCrae

In Flanders' fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place: and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders' fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe;
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high,
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders' Fields.


Flanders Field

This week we all remembered those who have fallen in conflict around the world with a two minute silence at 11am on the 11th November. Many of us will have worn poppies as a reminder of the men and women who gave their lives in wars, some of which continue even now. Indulging my inner historian this week, I decided to do a bit of research about the provenance of the poppy in our Remembrance Day rituals, which I wanted to share with you now.


Canadian Lieutenant John McCrae wrote his poem “In Flanders Field” in 1915 after losing a friend in the trenches of Ypres during World War One. Much of the fighting took place in Western Europe and especially in the north of France and in Belgium. The countryside was hacked, bombed and burned. What had previously been beautiful landscapes turned to mile upon mile of mud. It was so bleak and desolate that nothing could grow. Except for one thing; the bright red Flanders poppies. These hardy and resilient but delicate looking flowers grew thousands upon thousands in the middle of the desolation and chaos of the battlefields. Seeing this bittersweet sight, John McCrae was moved to write his now legendary poem.

This poem was published in a magazine called Punch in May 1915. An American lady called Moina Michael read In Flanders Fields and wrote her own poem in response, We Shall Keep The Faith. Michael was a professor who taught a class of injured veterans. She saw the need for ex-Service men to have financial and occupational support and was the first to have the idea of selling silk poppies to raise funds. A French lady called Anna Guérin who worked in the artificial flower trade was also involved in selling silk poppies and did so in London in 1921. During this visit, she met Lord Haig, founder of the Royal British Legion, and he was persuaded to adopt the poppy as the Legion’s symbol. As recently as 1994, the centre button of the poppies still bore the words “Haig Fund” when it was then changed to the Poppy Appeal.

Having read about the history of the poppy and the motivation behind McCrae’s poem, I think the simple poppy is not just a reminder of our brave war dead. Personally, it gives me hope and optimism. Think about the destruction and the terror of the battlefields, the squalor, the filth, the death and the despair. Then think about the thousands of poppies growing in amongst all that, the beautiful, delicate red petals waving gently in the breeze.

Such a paradox reminds us that darkness and evil will never win.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Hopkins, Chaplain

Small and Healthy Snacks 2019
Fruit and Veg

Dear Parents

A reminder please for girls and boys to only bring healthy snacks into school. In addition we also ask that snacks remain small and are simply enough to provide a quick boost. A piece of fruit really does suffice!

What we want to avoid is children eating their snacks and then not being hungry enough for lunch. 

We will be keeping an eye on this and doing spot checks. Any inappropriate snacks will be returned at the end of the day.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Click on the image above to see our Healthy Snacks Leaflet on Firefly


FoND News 15th Nov

Christmas Fayre

Christmas Fayre - Narnia Theme

Huge thanks to our wonderful team for creating such a festive scene today! We are open until 6pm so do pop along for some early Christmas shopping!

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

Coffee on the Go!

Coffee On The Go


Second Hand Uniform

Nearly New Uniform Poster

Parent Board

Reminder that you can use this platform to promote your businesses, buy or sell items and find holiday courses etc!

Click on the image to find the page on Firefly:

Parent Board

Empties Please

Empties Please Poster March 2019
FoND News Nov 8th

Avorians Bonfire Night

Avorians Fireworks Night 2019

We would really like to thank Damon Street, Eddie and Martha Warburton and Gia Borg Darcy for organising and running the FoND stall at the Avorians Fireworks celebration last Saturday evening, which raised £241 in sales of Krispy Kreme and popcorn alone. We are still waiting for entrance fee ticket figures from the Avorians but will keep you posted with an update soon.


Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

Why not enjoy a delicious cup of Hot Chocolate this afternoon, as we restart our Friday Hot Chocolate sales.


Christmas Gift Fair

We have had an overwhelming response to our request for volunteers with over 70 people on board!  Thank you so much for your support.
On Friday 15th November, the Fayre will officially open at 11:00 am.  However the Sixth Form choir will be singing a couple of Christmas songs prior to this to get us all into the Festive mood.  The Fayre will close at 6:00pm.
The Fayre is open to everyone and we look forward to welcoming you all, along with with your friends and family.




Christmas Raffle Tickets

Please do keep those raffle tickets coming in we have some stunning gifts on offer this year. You can post the tickets in the box in the Main Office.

Coffee on The Go

Coffee On The Go

Our new fundraiser is a great success. Fantastic coffee, made from pure beans sourced from a local supplier. Please bring your cup next Monday and pay what you want for a great good quality cup of fresh coffee.



Did you know that you can collect FREE donations for Notre Dame School every time you shop online?  There are nearly 3,000 retailers on board (including Amazon, Ocado & John Lewis).  

All money raised goes towards buying things for the school to enhance your daughter's education experience.

It only takes a minute:

Log onto

Click on the 'Join Us' button

Enter your details to 'Create an account'

Click 'Create my account'

Complete more details about yourself and click 'continue'

Click 'Get the Donation Reminder' button to remind you on every site that offers this detail when searching the internet (this is highly recommended) and follow the steps

After you've made your purchase the retailer will make a donation to FoND at no extra cost whatsoever!

Thank you for supporting FoND

Second Hand Uniform Shop


Nearly New Uniform Poster

Sports Kit Donations!

The Christmas Cafe

We need cupcakes and bakes. Please NO whole cakes.


Bring to the FoND kitchen

Thursday 14th November or the Sports Hall on Friday 15th November.

Your allergy labels are attached to this email; everything MUST be labelled.


Parent Board

Reminder that you can use this platform to promote your businesses, buy or sell items and find holiday courses etc!

Click on the image to find the page on Firefly:

Parent Board

Empties Please

Empties Please Poster March 2019


Sports Board

Prep Sports Board Nov 15th


U9 Rowan Netball Tournament

U9 Rown Netball Tournament

Very well played to the U9 girls who had an exciting netball tournament on Saturday. The girls played four matches over the morning, drawing their first match against Rowan and narrowly losing their other matches by one goal. The girls have shown so much improvement this term and I very much look forward to seeing their progress over the rest of the netball season.


U9A and B High 5 v Claremont

U9 A and B High 5 v Claremont

Last week the U9 girls played their first High 5 netball match against Claremont. The girls had a wonderful afternoon, learning and developing their netball skills to adapt to High 5 rules. The A team won 3-2 and the B team won 7-0. Very well played to all those girls who represented the school.


U9 Netball v CFS

U9 Netball v Cobham Free School

We had a wonderful and exciting match on Monday afternoon, hosting Cobham Free School in their first 7 aside netball match! It was a very friendly/coaching match allowing all girls from both schools to develop their understanding and skills. The final results was 4-4 and the ND girls worked very hard throughout, scoring fantastic goals as well as defending brilliantly.



U11 IAPS Hockey match v Surbiton

U11 IAPS Hockey v Surbiton Hockey Club

On Monday the U11 IAPS hockey girls played against Surbiton Hockey Club U11 and U10 teams in preparation for the National Finals taking place next week. It was a very cold evening against tough competition. However this was invaluable time spent of the pitch, working together and further developing their game. Thank you to our link hockey club - Surbiton - for offering this session.


U10/U11 Hockey v MHS

U11 and U10 Hockey v Manor House

Tuesday night saw round two of our matches against Manor House and it was a brilliant afternoon of hockey for the ND girls. Both the U11B and U10B teams won their games. Mrs Tomlinson was hugely impressed with the girls, their skill level and understanding, which led to a very successful evening of hockey!


U8A and B Hockey Tournament @ Danes Hill

Good luck to the U8A and B hockey players, who are playing in their first tournament at Danes Hill School.


Gala v St Catherine's

Well done to the Notre Dame swimmers who competed in an away gala on Wednesday night against St Catherine’s.

All the girls swam really well. I was very proud of the girls and it was very exciting to get an away gala win.

Notre Dame 186 – ST Catherine’s 154.

We didn’t record the times at this gala as their pool is slightly shorter than the Notre Dame pool at 25 yards rather than 25 metres.

Many thanks to Mrs Douglas and Mrs Robinson who helped on the day.


The next gala is a home gala against St Teresa’s on Thursday 28th November.  Keep up the good work, girls, and keep swimming!

Mrs Jones


Fixtures coming up in November

Monday 18th November- U7 HIGH 5 netball v Rowan 2:15pm

Tuesday 19th November- U11 Hockey v St Teresa’s AWAY 3:30pm

Thursday 21st November- U11 IAPS NATIONAL FINALS- All day

Friday 22nd November- U8 Hockey v CLFS Away 3:00pm (whole year group)

Saturday 23rd November- National Biathlon Championships in Nottingham

Tuesday 26th November- U10 High 5 Netball v Cobham Free School @ ND 4:00pm

Wednesday 27th November- U11A-D Netball v LEH AWAY 4:30pm

Thursday 28th November- Swimming Gala v St Teresa’s @ ND 4:15pm


Mrs Purgavie

Gymnastics Success for Evelyn!

Last weekend Evelyn (Y3) represented her club, Prime Acrobatics in a gymnastics competition hosted by  Liberty Gymnastics. She competed in the individual apparatus competition.

She was awarded bronze for vault, Gold for floor and trampet.

It was her first out of club competition, and although initially very nervous, Evelyn did brilliantly! Well done Evelyn!

Evelyn - Gymnastics Success Nov 2019


Senior Sports Board Nov 15th


Year 9 Inter House Hockey tournament

Well Done to Year 9 House Hockey players for a great competition this week. Congratulations to Lestonnac-  the winning House!!

Year 9 Inter House Hockey Tournament

ND Dragons Players

U12 Hockey Dragons players

Our U12 girls had a cracking tournament with their hockey club @OGHCDragons last weekend with five wins and one draw! Well played girls!

U15 v Sutton High

U15 Hockey v Sutton High

The U15 hockey team had a very good hockey match v Sutton High despite losing 3-0!


The U16 Netball team played at the Netball Nationals last weekend. The team played some tough matches and learnt alot from their day!

Surrey Netball Nationals Tournament

U15AB & U14AB matches v KGS

Well fought matches in very cold weather- well done to KGS for three wins, well done NDU14B for their win!

U14AB and U15AB Netball v KGS

U12 v Milbourne Lodge

Our U12 Netballers came from behind in their match v Milbourne Lodge U13 team. NDU12B started then the A team took over and pulled ahead to win 18-7!

U13 v Prior's Field

ND enjoyed a clean sweep of wins A15-11, B26-7, C16-7, D12-3. Well played ladies!

U13 Netball v Prior's Field


Gala against St Teresa’s 

The U12 A&B, U13 A&B and U16 A swimming teams swam in against St Teresa’s on Monday. All the girls swam really well with some races being extremely close! The overall results were St Teresa’s 66 and Notre Dame 54.

Swimmers of the night:

U12 Steph W

U13 Sasha K

U16 Natasha B

Well done girls!

Performing Arts

Prep Music Board Nov 15th

Prep School Christmas Carol Service – Wednesday 11th December 2019 at 7:00pm

Carol Service clipart

The Prep School will be gathering for an evening of readings, carols and musical items on the theme of ‘Angels’.

The Prep School Carol Service is to be held in the Sports Hall on the evening of Wednesday 11th December at 7.00pm.  All girls in Years 3, 4, 5, 6 will be involved either as part of the massed singing items or as musicians, choristers or readers.  Girls in Years 1 and 2 who are in the ensembles below may also participate if they wish.

There will be rehearsals for all girls involved during the day on Tuesday 10th December - when all pupils will need their instruments – if they are in the following ensembles:

Bordeaux Choir

Lestonnac Choir

Flying Strings

Fledgling Strings

Concert Band    

Percussion Ensemble

Djembe Club

Samba Band

Junior Ukulele Club


Feast Day Mass 21 November 2019 10:30am

All parents are welcome to Feast Day Mass on 21 November at 10:30am in the Sports Hall.  The Mass of the Presentation of Our Lady in the Temple will feature Senior, Prep and Staff Choirs and is on the theme of Dedication to God’s Service.


Save the Date – Lestonnac Choir Surrey Schools Concert Trip – Sunday 8 March 2020

the Children’s Trust for brain injured children

Please put Sunday 8th March 2020 in your diaries for all Lestonnac Choir members.  We will be performing at the Surrey Schools Concert in aid of the Children’s Trust for brain injured children at St John’s School, Leatherhead.  This will be from late morning until 4pm.  A permission form with full details will be published in due course.


Faith and Music Assemblies

5K’s  Faith and Music assembly will be on Friday 6 December on the theme of Living in Love and Joyful Hope

Mrs Shaw

Senior Music Board Nov 15th

Chamber Choir

Chamber Choir were in fine voice this week in the Chapel rehearsing hard for their forthcoming Christmas performances. They will be singing at the Jazz Concert on 10th December and at the Senior School Carol Service on the final day of term, Friday 13th December. Follow us on Twitter @NotreDame_MUSIC for more news.

Here they are at the rehearsals:


Prep Drama Board Nov 15th

We are all very much looking forward to the Infant and Nursery Nativities in a couple of weeks. Mr Lawson Lean really needs Reception and Year 2 to know all their lines and cues by next week though - not forgetting the lines that everyone says together.

Infant Nativity Scene Clipart




Senior Drama Board Nov 15th


The girls have been in their final rehearsals before the band join us on Sunday. They are working hard and looking forward to providing you with a great show. Please ensure you book tickets online using the link We are selling fast and there may not be tickets available on the door. Follow us on twitter @NDS_THEATRE for more videos and pictures over the next week.

Here is a snippet from the rehearsals - We Go Together!

Ballet Nov 15th

Ballerinas of the Week are Year 2!

Ballerinas of the Week - Year 2



Prep Library Board Nov 15th

Anti-Bullying Week 11th – 15th November

Change Starts With Us - Anti Bullying Week


This year’s Anti-Bullying Week theme has been Change Starts With Us. Books about bullying, difference and acceptance can help older children to cope with issues; while books about feelings can help younger children to understand a range of emotions, when they are feeling overwhelmed. These are some suggestions.

Mine!  by Rachel Bright

Mine by Rachel Bright

During a visit to Grandma Flo, twins Fifi and Frankie both want to hold Funny Bunny. While arguing his ears drop off and Grandma Flo gives sharing tips while she sews them back on. Simple yet practical, and with colourful illustrations. Ages 3 - 7


Red Rockets and Rainbow Jelly by Sue Heap and Nick Sharratt

Red Rockets and Rainbow Jelly by Sue Heap and Nick Sharratt

This beautifully illustrated picture book describes Nick and Sue, who have very different tastes – Nick likes red apples, while Sue like green pears. Despite their differences, by the end of the book they are the best of friends. Age 2+

Splash by Charli Howard

Splash by Charli Howard

Molly is passionate about swimming, although her best friend Chloe does not approve, and increasingly bullies Molly into stopping. Touching on adolescent concerns, this sensitive novel explores friendship and encourages young people to follow their own dreams. Age 9 - 12


Don’t Pick on Me! By Rosemary Stones

Don’t Pick on Me! By Rosemary Stones

Bullying can include many things: being called names, having your bus fare stolen or being made to feel uncomfortable…and it is always horrible. This informative book gives practical advice for children who are bullied, or indeed may be a bully, and gives children tips on how to change things. Age 9 – 12


Book Fair

Book Fair Thank you Collage

A huge thank you to all parents, grandparents, carers and anyone else who supported us by buying a book at last week’s Book Fair. The children really enjoyed visiting the Lytton Parlour during the day, and a large range of books was available for all ages - indeed, there were was an extra bookcase for the older girls. As well as promoting reading for pleasure, every book bought last Friday helped us to receive free books for the school and the Prep Library.  

Thank you very much for your kind support.

Mrs Hughes

Senior Library Board Nov 15th

Classics Section – Relaunch

Classic Literature

As part of the Passport Reading Scheme, students in Years 7 - 9 have each to read and produce a one-page book review on at least one classic.

We have recently relaunched our Classics section in the Senior Library to include a variety of Children’s Classics and more challenging texts. A new incentivised scheme where students acquire badges for reading these books has so far proved very successful!


Literature Definitions: What Makes a Book a Classic?


This is the subject of some debate, but in general terms Classic Literature meets the following criteria:


  •  High quality at the time it was written
  •  A representation of the period in which it was written
  •  Has universal appeal, due in part to widely recognised themes such as love, hate, life, death
  •  Provides inspiration for; and has influence on other writers
  •  Appeals to different generations

“The only substitute for an experience we ourselves have never lived through is art, literature. They possess a wonderful ability: beyond distinctions of language, custom, social structure, they can convey the life experience of one whole nation to another… Literature conveys irrefutable condensed experience… from generation to generation. Thus it becomes the living memory of the nation.” Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Classic Literature examples

Why is it so important to continue to read Classic Literature?

There are good reasons why Classic Literature is still in print; continually included in the English Literature syllabus and remains popular today in a number of forms. Roald Dahl’s Matilda has been performed in the West End since 2010 and a film adaptation of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden will be released in April 2020.

During Library lessons, we regularly discuss with students, the advantages of reading classics… 

  • Increases vocabulary             
  • Challenges the brain
  • Helps to understand social, historical and cultural context
  • Appreciate literary references
  • Strengthens empathy
  • Bibliotherapy

A list of Children’s Classics can be found at: and are also included in the Senior Library Reading lists (Firefly/Library) for Years 7 and 8, 9 and KS4.


Mrs Finch


Careers Fair 2017

Can you help inspire our girls? From medicine to marketing, whatever career path you chose after leaving Notre Dame, your experiences are very valuable in helping our girls make important career choices for the future.