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Staff Farewell 2019
Farewell Card for Staff

Prep School

I am hugely grateful to my staff for their hard work, enthusiasm and dedication to the pupils this year. We wish our departing teaching staff the best of luck for the future: Mrs L. Fletcher, Mr C. Whitfield, Miss I. Leon. Miss M. Campbell Simmons and Mrs C. West.

Amélie Morgan


Senior School

We are always sad when staff leave but delighted for them when they are moving on to new and exciting roles elsewhere. This term we say goodbye to:

Mrs Howorth

Mrs Sutherland

Mrs Walker

Mrs Hendicott

Mrs Debbie Duffy


We send best wishes to our staff going on maternity leave:

Mrs Ha

Mrs Talbot

Mrs Andrews


Catering Team:

Margaret Turner


Anna King

Year 6 Ceremony of Achievement 2019

Yesterday we celebrated a wonderful year of achievements by our fantastic Year 6 students.

Year 6 Ceremony of Achievement 2019

During the ceremony the girls provided the entertainment with beautiful singing, musical performances, poetry recitals and dancing.

Girls, we are so very proud of each and every one of you and wish you all the best as you move on to your Senior School!

Videos of the performances can be found on Firefly by clicking on this link


Here is a video of the girls dancing to 'Take Me To Church' choreographed by Year 6 Mia S!

Year 6 performing their finale - When I Grow Up!

Chaplain's Corner July 5th

O God of all beginnings and endings,

We praise and thank you for the gift of this school year.

It has been a time filled with grace and blessings,

With challenges and opportunities, joys and sorrows.

The days have passed quickly, O Lord.

The weeks, the months, the seasons, the holidays and holy days. As we look back over the year, we thank you for your unwavering love.

We pray that the end of term will be a joyous celebration of all that we have achieved both individually and together as part of the community of Notre Dame. May we ever rejoice in the knowledge that all we do is in Your Holy Name.

May we continue to grow in wisdom, knowledge and grace all the days of our lives.



Today is the last Chaplain’s Corner of the school year and I cannot quite believe we are on the verge of the summer holidays already. If anyone knows where the last year has gone, please could they let me know!

We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful world, full of endless opportunities and blessings. I am so thankful for all that I have experienced this year, both the good and the not so good. Every experience is simply a chance to learn and grow and to enjoy. Do not dwell on the things that didn’t quite go to plan this year; concentrate on all your wonderful achievements and congratulate yourself on a year well spent.

I hope you all have a restful and peaceful Summer, and I look forward to seeing you all in September.

Summer Blessings
Happy Holidays
We Thank you God for...

Mrs Hopkins

Infants Trip to Nower Wood


Infant Trip to Nower Wood 2019

Click on the collage to see the full photo gallery on our Flickr channel


On Tuesday, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 went to Nower Wood for their end of year trip.  We started the day with a bug safari which was amazing! We learnt how bugs live in dark places and have to use their senses to survive.  We had a taste of this ourselves by being blindfolded and learning to use our sense of listening and touch to move from one place to another.  We then searched in a bug playground for mini-beasts using special pots and tickling sticks!  We could look at our bugs under microscopes and grouped them according to the number of legs they had.

After a delicious lunch (minus bugs) we spent the afternoon helping the fairies that live in Nower Wood.  We built fairy homes and made fairy potions and even created some fairy magic that really worked!

Our final activity was to create our own postcard of Nower Wood, collecting items that had caught our imagination throughout the day; a lovely memory of the day.

It was a fantastic trip.  We worked so hard and had so much fresh air and fun that there were quite a few children fast asleep on the coach ride home!

Miss Deen

Year 7 History Trip to Dover Castle
Year 7 History Trip to Dover Castle

On Thursday 27nd June, Year 7 visited Dover Castle. The girls had the opportunity to visit the Keep, which was built by Henry II, a Medieval king whom they have studied in their History lessons this year. They were able to see the Great Hall, the King’s Chamber and the Chapel dedicated to Thomas Becket, whom Henry II famously argued with, resulting in his tragic murder in Canterbury Cathedral. They then went onto the roof to see the spectacular views of the surrounding area as well as appreciate how the crenelations would protect the soldiers from attack and the weather!

Additionally, the girls visited the church of St Mary in Castro, built in 1000 AD. This church is the second oldest in the country and is still in use today. Next to the church the girls could see the site of the first Motte and Bailey Castle which was built by William the Conqueror. It was also possible to see the Roman lighthouse built in 150 AD. During the course of the day, they also had the chance to enjoy a wall walk and learn about the rich history of Dover Castle further including its role in Operation Dynamo.

It was an excellent trip that reinforced the girls’ knowledge and understanding of the reasons why castles changed over time including all the defensive features of stone square keeps and concentric castles. The girls really enjoyed the day and so did the staff. Thank you to Mr Coackley, Miss Evans, Miss Rowe, Mrs Walker, Mrs Ingram, Mrs Hughes and Mrs Hehir for accompanying the girls.

Mrs Best

Teacher of History

Year 9 Inter-house Maths Challenge

On Monday four girls from Year 9; Manasa A, Rosa J, Eloise A and Anabel W, organised an inter-house maths challenge.

All of Year 9 were split into eight teams - two teams per house. There were three rounds of questions.

It was a very exciting morning and congratulations must go to the organisers!

Well done to the winning house: *****

Year 9 Maths Challenge



Silver D of E

Congratulations to our Silver DofE girls who successfully completed their assessed canoe expedition last weekend.

Silver DofE Expedition July 2019

Milli K, Layla K, Abbie K, Sarah K, Clara L, SoEon P and Amelia H-A did amazingly well last weekend under incredibly hot conditions to complete the three day and two night expedition. They successfully navigated the waterways from Lechlade to Oxford, negotiating locks and camping on the river bank at night. The girls worked so well together and should be really proud of their accomplishments.

Miss Mason

Walton Athletic Club Summer holiday training camp

Dear Parents


Walton Athletics Club

Would you like to keep your children occupied during the summer? Getting fresh air and exercise with experienced, licensed coaches?

We are a not-for-profit local athletic club with a brand new facility down at Waterside Drive (near the swimming pool at Xcel) - your school may have held your sports day at our club?

During the summer holidays we are offering a limited number of very reasonably priced places to local children to come and try out all sorts of athletics activities; it will be fun, they'll be in the fresh air and they may even find a lifelong hobby when they try something out.

We are now accepting bookings for this summer's holiday training camp that will be taking place between 10.00am and 2.00pm on the following days at the Sports hub (postcode: KT12 2JG)

* Mon 29th July to Wed 31st July
* Mon 5th August to Wed 7th August

You can book for one or more days. It is £30 for the first day and £25 for additional days. Siblings are £25 for the first day and £20 and for additional days.

All our coaches are fully licensed and DBS checked. Please find below the link to the online application form. It includes additional information and you will receive an automatic confirmation to the email on submission.

Holiday camp booking form

Please complete a form for each child and include their name as a reference when making payment into our account. As noted above, we are offering a discounted rate for siblings.

If you have any queries, please reply by email to the automatic confirmation you will receive on submitting your form.

The team look forward to welcoming your child(ren) this summer

Best regards,

Walton Athletic Club Academy team


FoND Update July 5th

FoND would like to wish you the very best for the Summer Holidays after a fantastic year of fundraising events.  We are all looking forward to seeing you in September for more fun events for all.


PIMM'S Table

PIMMS - Year 6 Parent Volunteers

We would like to thank all the Year 6 volunteers who have run the table on behalf of FoND and managed to raise a profit of £200.68 during this event.

Year 7 and 8 Disco

Year 7 and 8 Disco

The Year 7 and Year 8 students had great time at the Disco – featuring a great DJ -  along with the boys from Parkside and Reed’s.  Huge thanks to our organisers and lovely volunteers.  The event made a total profit of £1,367.98.

Daddy & Daughter Camp-Out

Daddy and Daughter Camp Out

Daddy/Daughter Camp-Out promises to be a great final activity of this academic year.  All has been organised and prepared thanks to our very own Sheuwen and all participants are looking forward to this evening's event.  Profit figures will be given in the next Friday Mailing, which will be in September.

Ice Cream

Ice Cream Sales

Ice cream will be on sale today as usual!

It is the last ice cream sale for this term and it is going to be a hot afternoon!


Enjoy Summer Holidays


Sports Board

Prep Sports Board July 5th

Sports Day

Infants Sports Day

Infants Sports Day 2019

click on the collage to see the full photo gallery on our Flickr channel

Wow what a wonderful day we had on Friday, celebrating a wonderful year of sport with a fantastic sports day! The infant children took part in their event in the morning, all working hard to earning points for their house as well as enjoying great activities, a favourite being the water relay. This year we added a new whole house event, which involved dressing up their House Captains, ready for the beach!

Junior Sports Day

Junior Sports Day 2019


The afternoon session involved Year 3 and 4 girls, with a slightly more competitive edge. The girls took part in all activities and we were pleased to welcome back Long Jump to the circuit of events. There were so many personal bests achieved throughout the afternoon, I am so proud of all the girls who took part.

The House results are:
















Over All





Downsend Athletics

Downsend Athletics Competition

A huge well done to all the girls who represented Notre Dame at the Downsend U8-U10 athletics on Saturday, the hottest day of the year! The Notre Dame girls did not let the heat stop them from achieving personal bests and working hard as a team to earn those all important points. A special mention has to go to Holly in Year 2 who was the youngest competitor and showed such determination and will to do the best she could for her team.

Team Results:

U8 A Team

U8 B team

U9A Team

U9 B Team

U10A Team

U10B Team

2nd Place

3rd Place

3rd  Place

4th Place

1st Place

1st Place


Walton Cricket Club League Summary

Walton Cricket Club League Plate Winners

Monday saw the last evening of the Walton Cricket League. It has been wonderful to see how much the girls have progressed over the four sessions, in both their skills and knowledge of the sport. I am very proud to say that Notre Dame won the plate competition, bringing home our first ever cricket silverware. I am so pleased for the girls and their performances over the last four nights of cricket.  


Inter House Biathlon

Prep Inter House Aquathlon 2019

On Tuesday we hosted our annual Inter-House Biathlon, which involves all girls from Years 3-6 representing their house. The girls swam either two or four lengths and then ran approx. 1km around the grounds. Very well done to all the girls who took part and earned those very important House points before the results are announced at the end of term assembly next week.

Here are the overall House results per year group:



1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

4th Place

Year 3





Year 4





Year 5





Year 6






The individual certificates will be handed out in assembly next week.


Netball/Hockey Summer Camp

Prep Netball and Hockey Summer Camp

In August, Mrs Jones and I will be running a Netball and Hockey Camp from the Notre Dame girls, this is to prepare them for playing on our return in September. The camp will run on the 28th and 29th August at a cost of £40 per day. The camp letter can be found on Firefly. (click on the flyer above)


Clubs in September

The clubs sheet will be sent out before the end of term.

The Sports Clubs will start on Monday 9th September. 


Fixtures in September

All fixtures will be loaded onto the google calendar before the end of term, this can be found on the website.


Saturday 14th September- U10 A and B Hockey Tournament @ Downsend 8:30am

Monday 23rd September- U10A-R Netball v GHS AWAY

Tuesday 24th September- U11A&B Hockey @ ND v CLFS 3:30pm

Tuesday 24th September- U11 C& D Hockey v CLFS AWAY 3:30pm

Monday 30th September- U11 A- D Netball v GHS @ ND 4:00pm


Mrs T Purgavie

Head of Prep PE

Senior Sports Board July 5th

Sports Day

We enjoyed perfect weather for our Sports Day at Guildford Spectrum on Wednesday 3rd July. The girls had worked hard all term collecting results in all track and field events and this helped towards confident, brave, determined performances from all the girls. We had great team spirit and every girl played her part in contributing to the House totals. The outstanding performances were recognised with certificates and Vitrix Ludorem trophies. Thanks to the Year 12 girls and all Senior staff for their help on the day. It was lovely to see many parents enjoying the event too.

Senior Sports Day 2019

The final results were as follows:







Year 7






Year 8






Year 9






Year 10












2019 House Positions           Points       Yr 10 captains to collect cup

1st    Montferrant


Caitlin P & Lily O

2nd    Eyquem



3rd  Lestonnac



4th Montaigne




Victrix Ludorem Junior (year 7 & 8):

Name & Yr

Event 1

Event 2

Event 3

Sophie King Yr 7

800m 1st

200m 1st

High Jump 1st (new record)


Victrix Ludorem Senior (year 9 & 10):


Event 1

Event 2

Event 3

Caitlin Paul Yr 10

80m Hurdles 1st

300m 1st

Long jump 1st

Lulu Weisz Yr 9

800m 1st

75m Hurdles 1st

Long jump 1st


New Records for 2019:



Esther Ibiama Yr 9

100m (12.51 sec), 200m (26.39sec)

Lulu Weisz Yr 9

800m (2.25.46 mins/ secs)

Sophie King Yr 7

High Jump (1.38m)

4 X 100m relay Yr 9

Montferrant (L.Weisz, S.Morales, L.Wise, E.Old) 56.31 secs

4 x 100m relay Yr 10

Montferrant (H.Kalenderidis, A.McWhirter, L.O’Connell, C.Paul) 56.76 secs



U15 Tennis Team at Wimbledon

The U15 Tennis Team were very excited to be on Court 2 at The All England Club, Wimbledon, on Monday! They enjoyed a wonderful day of tennis!

Fixtures 2019-2020

The fixture list will appear on the website next week- ready for September!

Mrs Marsh


Swimming Medals Galore for Prep ND Girls!

Ella H


Ella attended Guildford City’s Club Championships.

9 races swam by Ella with:

6 gold medals

2 Silvers

1 Bronze

She gained PB’s in all her races.

A great end to the swimming year.



Lexi T

Lexi Medals at GCSC Club Champs

Congratulations to Lexi who ended a great season at Guildford City Swimming Club Championships. She swam in 7 races and achieved 6 Golds and 1 Silver. PB’d in every race....


We are very proud of both of them!




Performing Arts

Senior Music Board July 5th

House Music Competition

Tuesday marked the first newly restructured Inter-House Music competition at Notre Dame and the final chance for Houses to gain points this academic year.

Senior House Music Competition

Each House put forward a Junior Instrumentalist (from Years 7 & 8), a Senior Instrumentalist (from Years 9, 10 and 12), one house singer and one house song, with the theme for this year’s house song being ‘Disney’. We were very lucky to have an afternoon of exceptionally high quality music from students, featuring a wide range of instruments and styles.

Performers in each category:

Junior Instrumentalists: Kihyun K - Piano – ‘He’s a Pirate’ from Pirates of the Caribbean; Sasha K - Voice – ‘I see the Light’ from Tangled; Sophia M - Guitar – ‘The Rakes of Mallow’, Trad. Irish; Hajin L - Piano– Variations on Canon in D by Pachelbel

Senior Instrumentalists: Izzy K – ‘Cello – Camille Saint-Saëns: ‘The Swan’; Orianne V – Trumpet -  ‘Titanium’; Sophie B – Electric Guitar – ‘Hysteria’ by Muse; Rosa J – Saxophone – Christopher Norton: ‘Black Sheep of the Family’

House Singers: Katerina S – ‘It means Beautiful’ from Everybody’s talking about Jamie; Scarlett R – ‘Never Enough’ from The Greatest Showman; Sarah K – ‘She Used to be Mine’ from Waitress; Annabelle T – ‘Rise Up’ from Hamilton


We were very lucky to have a guest judge, Miss Katie Waters, from The Grey Coat Hospital School in Victoria. Each and every soloist performed with musicality, integrity and obvious talent. All soloists were awarded points for their houses and the winners of each category were given an iTunes voucher as well as winning more points for their house.


Junior Soloist Winner – Sasha K, Year 7.

Sasha gave a wonderfully musical performance of ‘I see the Light’ from Disney’s Tangled. The judge’s comments highlighted the musicality of Sasha’ performance and her involvement with the music as well as the text. A huge well done to Sasha!


Senior Soloist Winner – Izzy K, Year 10

Izzy performed ‘The Swan’ by Camille Saint-Saëns and completely stunned staff, students and the judge with her sensitive and engaging performance.


House Singer Winner – Sarah K, Year 10

In an incredibly tough category featuring four incredibly high standard performances, Sarah delivered a moving and musical performance of ‘She Used to be Mine’ from Waitress. Our judge commented on Sarah’s delivery of a wholly entrancing and honest performance of the piece, and on Sarah’s great use of dynamics.


House Song Winner – Montferrant with ‘Breaking Free’ from High School Musical. A great performance with some really high quality singing!

Click on the YouTube link to watch the talented musicians performing their pieces:


Summer Concert


Miss Arthur


School Music Board


Congratulations to pupils of Mrs Hawkes and Miss Porter who performed at their Soirées this week.

Summer Soirees - Singing and Flute

The next Soirées are for invited pupils of the following teachers and will begin at 4.15pm

Monday 8 July

Emma Gibbons

Lytton Parlour

Tuesday 9 July

J Mitchell and J Lane

Lytton Parlour



Congratulations to all pupils who took their ABRSM exams last week. Results will be published online within the next two weeks.

Mrs Shaw

Prep Dance July 5th

Ballerina of The Week is Miss Fletcher!

Ballerina of The Week - Miss Fletcher



Prep Library News July 5th

A Year of Reading

It has been another busy year of books, and reading for pleasure, at Notre Dame. In March World Book Day was a fantastic opportunity for staff and pupils to dress up as their favourite book characters, and events took place all week for the children to join in with the fun and excitement. We had wonderful author visits from Clara Vulliamy of the Dotty Detectives series, and the excellent Abi Elphinstone who took the children on a tour of her exciting new best-seller Rumblestar. Our Book Fairs have been well supported, and the children enjoyed browsing through the bookcases, to choose their favourites. As a result, many new books have been added to the Library shelves.


Summer Reading Challenge - Summer Reading Bingo!

Summer Reading Bingo

Now that the summer break is nearly here, it’s time to turn to our Summer Reading Bingo Challenge! It is well-known that reading skills and confidence can dip over the next few weeks, commonly known as the ‘summer slide’, and this is a good way for children to practise their reading skills so that they are well-prepared for the autumn term. Embedding a love of reading in children has been shown to help their well-being later in life, and reading for pleasure is more important to children’s academic success than their parents’ level of education or socio-economic level. (

The Summer Reading Bingo card is designed for children of all ages, and there will be prizes for completed cards. Younger children will get a prize for completing one line, across, down or diagonal, if completing the whole card is too daunting. All they have to do is bring the Bingo card, filled in with details of each square completed, back to the Library in September. Good luck!


Chatterbooks: Space Chase 2019


Space Chase Summer Reading Challenge

This week in Chatterbooks Club the girls looked at the UK’s biggest free reading event, run by the charity the Reading Agency, this year’s Summer Reading Challenge 2019: Space Chase; an out-of-this-world adventure which celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing.


Run for children aged 4 to 11, the aim of the Challenge is to encourage children to read any six books of their choice from their local library over the summer holidays. Anyone can take part and Space Chase begins in local libraries on Saturday 13th July.

Summer Reading Book Character Images

To take part:

Sign up for the Challenge at your local library

Your child is given a special mission folder to keep a record of their reading

Read at least six library books and collect stickers and rewards

They receive a certificate when they finish

It’s fun and totally free!


In Chatterbooks Club the girls started to set up their own profiles, with a personal log-in, so that they can post book reviews on the Space Chase website. This will help others choose the books they want to read for the challenge, over the summer holidays. Further information at:

If your child hasn’t made their profile yet, this is a link to the website.


If your child is vision impaired, or finds printed books tricky, your local library may be able to help and the RNIB Library can be used for the Summer Reading Challenge too.

Bookworm Awards

Book Worm Awards

Congratulations to the following girls who received Bookworm Awards today at the final assembly of the year. We are very pleased to recognise great progress in their reading and wonderful enthusiasm for books. Very well done girls!

Year 3 – Alexandra B; Natasha M;

Year 4 – Phoebe J; Evelyn R;

Year 5 – Charley W; Molly H.

Year 6 were awarded their Bookworm Awards during their Ceremony of Achievement.


Library Prefect Awards

Library Prefects

These Year 6 girls have shown great enjoyment in both reading and choosing books, and have enthusiastically recommended particular novels or certain authors to their friends. They have helped with the library, tidying shelves and helping the younger children to find the right book. Thank you for all your help. Congratulations!


Grace G; Ruby E; Gabby P; Emily W; Taylor K; Rebecca H; Ava A.


Wishing you all a relaxing and enjoyable summer. Happy reading!


Mrs Hughes

Senior Library News July 5th
The Notre Dame Cookbook Fundraising Project Image

The Notre Dame Cookbook Fundraising Project

We have noticed that Notre Dame students, parents and staff are often to be found discussing and sharing their favourite food and recipes, so in celebration of our love of food we have decided to produce a Notre Dame School Cookbook.  The cookbook will be a cornucopia of all our favourite recipes and we hope will become your ‘go-to’ cookbook for fabulous and practical recipes and ideas.


What you need to do

Choose a recipe that you enjoy making and would like to share.  Recipes should be written in your own words (to avoid copyright issues) with a short introduction explaining why you chose this recipe and any stories or family history associated with it.  The recipes must be tried and tested and include a list of ingredients; estimated prep time; method and how many people it will serve.


Choosing your Dishes

We would like a wide variety of recipes and the cookbook will include different sections such as:

Starters and Dips; Finger Food; Perfect for Picnics; Breakfast Delights; Family Favourites; Kid’s Stuff

Quick and Easy; Dinner Party Dazzlers; Round the World; Delicious Desserts; Festive Treats; Vegan and Vegetarian; Gluten Free; etc.


As the cookbook will be published in colour, it would be great to have pictures of the dishes/ingredients drawn by your children or photos of them cooking!  

Please e-mail your favourite family recipes to [email protected] (as an attachment) by Monday 30th September and include the name of the child or adult contributing the recipe. We hope to have the finished book in time for Christmas. Money raised will be used to support a range of school projects such as playground equipment and cooking facilities for pupils.

Happy Cooking and we look forward to receiving all your wonderful recipes!


Well done to Xenia and Thea W in Year 7 and Sophia L in Year 9 who have completed their Reading Passports and received Book Awards.

Mrs Finch


Careers Fair 2017

Can you help inspire our girls? From medicine to marketing, whatever career path you chose after leaving Notre Dame, your experiences are very valuable in helping our girls make important career choices for the future.