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Chaplain's Corner July 9th

On Monday morning our Year 6 pupils joined together with the Year 6 pupils from 7 other local Catholic schools for a special Leavers’ Liturgy, on Zoom.  I had the privilege of leading the liturgy, together with Fr Martin from St George’s College.  It was really lovely to welcome our friends from St Charles Borromeo in Weybridge, Cardinal Newman in Hersham, Holy Family in Addlestone, St Alban’s in Molesey, St Cuthbert’s in Englefield Green, St Paul’s in Thames Ditton and St Anne’s in Chertsey, joining with our own pupils at this important juncture in their educational journeys.  Small communities joining together to form a bigger community, extending the hand of friendship to neighbours … it was a wonderful opportunity for us to be gathered together, albeit through Zoom.

During the liturgy we listened to a Gospel reading where Jesus taught the adults that in order to become closer to God they needed to be more like the children.  At the end of the school year, I give thanks for everything that we, the adults, have learned from the children in our school and in our families.  May our time spent with children continue to inspire and to bring abundant blessings.

Year 6 Leavers Liturgy

Throughout the school year our Parent Prayer Group has met weekly, again on Zoom.  Every week our little group has reflected on a passage of scripture, and then prayed for all in our school community.  The group has been small in number but the power of prayer is mighty.  Every week God has listened to our prayers for our school.  Thank you to the parents who have had a great commitment to the Prayer Group; we will be restarting in September with, God-willing, some face-to-face meeting mixed in with some continuing via Zoom.

Thank you very much to the parents who responded to our Diversity and Inclusion questionnaire.  We received 44 responses in total.  These responses will provide a very helpful part of our school self-evaluation and will contribute to future planning.

Wishing you and your families health, safety, happiness and every blessing during the Summer holiday.

God Bless,

Mr George, Chaplain

Staff Farewell July 2021

It is that time of year where, sadly, we have to say farewell to some of our valued colleagues..

Staff Farewell

Senior Staff

Mrs Ball joined us this year as cover supervisor – but as an old girl really she was just returning home! Now she is moving on to a great new career working in wellbeing and mental health which we know she do wonderfully!

Mrs Bedia joined us in 2016 as teacher in charge of German, and she has also taught French and English. Sapna has been a super tutor as well. We very much appreciate all she has done for ND. She is moving to a new school and we wish her every happiness.

David Colpus has been with us since 2006 as Director of IT and also as a Computer Science teacher. He has overseen an IT revolution at ND and we are very grateful for his leadership in this area. We wish him a very happy retirement..

Mrs Edwards has been associated with ND for a very many years as a parent and a member of staff teaching Italian, French and Spanish and we are very thankful for her work in MFL - she is moving on to a well-deserved retirement and we wish her all the best.

Sherna Treherne joined the school in 1974 and has been a teacher of and head of drama and latterly teacher of LAMDA and involved in directing, assisting and organising drama performances and producing amazing costumes for productions. She has been a wonderful inspiration to countless pupils. We are delighted that she will still be popping in to help with productions.

Mrs Winthrop has been with us for two consecutive maternity covers and we are very grateful for her help during the past two years. We wish her every happiness in her future career.

Prep Staff

Sadly, we will be saying good-bye to Miss Helen Kent this week who is taking up a new teaching position at Walsh C of E Junior School in Ash in September. Miss Kent has worked in Year 5 and Year 4 over the past four years and has also led our TASK curriculum with Miss Hobbs. Miss Kent has a passion for pupil enquiry led learning and has inspired the girls she has taught to be independent and creative learners. She will be greatly missed by the girls and her colleagues. We wish Miss Kent much happiness and success in the next stage of her teaching career.

Nursery staff

Miss Gomez started working in the Early Years department in 2018 and during her time in the nursery she has worked with all of the children within the different groups.  Miss Gomez has also assisted in the Junior department, organised a weekly rhythmic gymnastics club for the Infant department and helped some of the Senior students with their Spanish lessons. Although she has spent most of her time with our youngest nursery children she has made a big impression throughout the school and we will all miss her greatly, especially her endless enthusiasm.  Miss Gomez will be returning to her family in Granada this summer and we wish her lots of happiness for the future.    

Mrs Whiting has worked in the Early Years department for four years.  She has mainly worked as part of our Pre-Reception team but has also worked with the younger nursery children whilst running the breakfast and late owls clubs.  Mrs Whiting is always willing to help her colleagues and she has a wonderful sense of humour that has definitely helped during this last year. Mrs Whiting will be greatly missed by the whole school but especially by the Early Years team, the children and their families.  We wish her lots of success and happiness in her new role at her new school in September.  


We wish Miss Kent and Miss Boyd much love and the best of luck for their upcoming marriages. Both weddings were delayed from last summer due to the Pandemic. 

Prep Assembly July 9th

This morning we were all able to gather together outside in beautiful sunshine in our beautiful grounds for our final assembly of the academic year!

Final Prep Assembly of Term July 9th

We have had so much to celebrate in this extraordinary year and this morning we were finally able to do so together as a whole community!

The assembly was streamed on Facebook Live but can also be seen on Firefly by clicking on the gallery above

Well done to everyone and we wish you all a very happy and healthy summer holiday!

EMC A Level English Language Online Student Conference

EMC Conference 

emag student language econference

Last Wednesday we attended a virtual conference for English Language A level students featuring eminent linguists Dr Amanda Cole, Dr Sylvia Shaw, Dr Rob Drummond and Dan Clayton. We were particularly excited to hear from Rob Drummond as we have studied his research on the influence of Grime music on teenagers’ speech within Greater Manchester.

EMC A Level English Conference

The afternoon started with an introduction by linguist Dan Clayton, followed by a talk from Rob Drummond on accentism (how we judge people by how they speak) as well as linguistics in the media. We then heard from Dr Amanda Cole who gave a comprehensive presentation on accent variation in the South of England. This included several sets of data from her research studies on accent attitudes and accent change. These were fascinating to hear about as they were personal to her background as well as recent, adding a new perspective to the accent research we have explored in class.

The afternoon ended with Sylvia Shaw’s educational discussion around genderlect (the different spoken language used by males and females) which helped to expand and consolidate our previous learning on this area of the course. There was also a Q and A section at the end of the conference where students were able to have their questions answered by the expert linguists.

Overall, this was an extremely informative and enjoyable afternoon as we heard from respected professionals and learned their personal opinion on topics relevant to our A Level course. Topics covered were incredibly thought-provoking, and we will be able use the information to our advantage in our A Level exams next summer.

By Alicia W and Olivia M-M


Science Corner - July 9th

This week, the Science Prefects have launched the new science corner in the school library. As shown in the photographs below, the corner includes a ‘Book of the Week’ board (from key stage 3 – 5), interactive models such as the heart and the solar system and a range of interesting and relevant science books for year 7 up to Sixth form.

Science Coner Library SEction

Throughout the academic year we will be displaying students’ science work – at present some of the year 7 Discovery Award projects are on show!

Science Prefects

Medicine in Action! 2021
Medicine in Action Y10

On Friday 2 July, aspiring medical students in Year 10 attended Medicine in Action, a day of stimulating online lectures. This involved talks on pathology, brain surgery and careers in medicine from five experts in their chosen fields. The girls really enjoyed the day and were able to submit questions online to all the speakers. They gained a lot of invaluable information about different aspects of medicine. They also learnt how to begin to approach the application process for medical school.

C O’Keeffe

Student Report

Today, we have taken part in a series of insightful and engaging lectures regarding careers in medical fields. The day began with the first lecture by pathologist Suzy Lishman who described what her job entailed whilst also using interactive polls online to allow us as students to add our input on various questions. Next, we had a lecture by Alison May Berner, an accomplished oncologist who described the interesting turns her career has taken leading to her pursuing more specific interests in LGBTQIA+ health and striving for more equality in healthcare and treatment for transgender people specifically. We then had a lecture by junior doctor Ezgi Ozcan on life as a GP and what the job of a general practitioner includes as well as what led her to her job today and the obstacles she has had to face. Then, Dr Siva from medic mentor spoke to us regarding the steps we should take to get into medical school and how to best be accepted into very competitive universities to study medicine. Lastly, to round off the day we had Alex Alamri (a neurosurgeon) describing new technological advancements being made and their impact on neurosurgery. Overall, the day was extremely interesting and gave us all a good view into what life as a doctor would be like and all the steps we would have to make to get there. Each section involved opportunities for us to ask questions too so we were able to add our input all throughout the day making it even more stimulating.

Olive J Yr 10

Year 7 History - The Middle Ages

This term in their History lessons Year 7 have been studying the topic of ‘Tolerance in the Medieval Period’. 

They have looked at the definition of what it means to be ‘tolerant’ and they have considered and reflected on how tolerant Medieval society was towards women and the Jewish population living in Britain.  They have also studied the Crusades and learnt about what Western European Christians learnt from the Crusades and what new ideas they discovered such as bringing back mattresses, wheelbarrows, medical knowledge, the game of Chess, concentric castles, Arabic numbers and algebra and even apricots.  They girls were able to produce a creative homework to go alongside their studies.  They could choose from a range of options from learning to play Chess to cooking Medieval biscuits.  They have thoroughly enjoyed the topic this term.  

Year 7 Middles Ages

Mrs Best

Year 7 Make a Myth Competition

#Make Your Myth Challenge

Make Your Myth Challenge Logo

In the closing weeks of the summer term, Year 7 Latinists participated in the #Make your Myth challenge. Students were tasked with designing their very own myth using the Diana of Versailles sculpture as a source of inspiration. The girls fully embraced the challenge and there were some fantastic products which included poems, letters and even videos. Below is a picture of the group of winners who blew us away with their unique and innovative creations!

Winners of the KS3 #Make Your Myth Challenge!

Year 7 Make a Myth Challenge Winners

Mr Heath, Head of Classics

African Kingdoms and Civilizations:
Black History- African Empires

This term Year 8 have been studying a new unit in History called African Kingdoms and Civilizations which they have all found very interesting. The girls have learnt about the kingdoms of Benin, Ghana, Mali and Songhai. They were asked to complete one creative task. They could choose to do one of the following:

  1. Write an account of what life was like in the African kingdoms (cover families, clans, business, trade, medicine, clothing and food) 
  2. Make Benne cakes.
  3. Make a mask.
  4. Make a mancala set.
  5. Make a kente cloth.
  6. Produce a model of Timbuktu.

The girls worked so hard and produced some really fantastic work. We have attached some photographs of their work. It was also wonderful to learn that some girls have visited Benin. They were able to share their experiences and photographs with the other girls.

Year 8 Black History Task

The girls have also been encouraged to participate in the Hungry for More scheme. We have recommended books, documentaries and trips. If you would like to learn more about this topic please see the Hungry or More document below:

African Kingdoms and Civilizations: 

Non-Fiction Books

Timelines from Black History

Timelines from Black History: Leaders, Legends, Legacies


The lives and achievements of leading lights as diverse as Stormzy, Kenyan environmentalist Wangari Maathai, basketball star LeBron James, poet and novelist Maya Angelou, slavery abolitionist Olaudah Equiano and activist and creator of Afrobeat music Fela Kuti are chronicled in this excellent book that follows black history across many centuries to today’s contemporary world.

Yet rather than just a selected “who’s who” of black history, this essential and fascinating book also teaches children about important international events that contribute to a well-rounded understanding of current culture, such as a timeline detailing events in 1950s and 60s postcolonial Africa and important powerful African history from the 15th to 19th centuries, including information about the Kongo, Songhai and Benin empires as well as the American Civil Rights movement and the US Civil War.

As you’d expect from Dorling Kindersley, it’s a fascinating book with plenty of clear and well laid out information and photography, providing an excellent place for mid to older primary aged children to learn about notable contemporary and historical black people and events.

Black History- African Empires

The history of the African continent covers thousands of years, thousands of kilometres and millions of peoples speaking hundreds of languages. 

There are countless stories, dances, poems and songs. They tell the history of the great ancient civilisations, such as the Egyptians; the powerful kingdoms in West Africa of Mali and Songhai; the trading cities of Timbuktu and Gao; and enormous structures, such as the pyramids and Great Zimbabwe. 

This book looks at the great civilisations of the African continent and the people within these complex societies.

The Black History series brings together a wide range of events and experiences from the past to promote knowledge and understanding of black culture today.

The Kingdoms and Empires of Ancient Africa

Ancient Africa was home to many tribes and empires. There were different peoples who shared the same history, and this book will reveal some of the most amazing facts historian have come up with. Reading child--appropriate materials will influence your child’s ability to learn independently, or on his/her own pace. Secure a copy of this book today.


This work is part of a series of reference books providing a look at ancient cultures. It begins with early African kingdoms such as Kush, Mali, Ife and Zimbabwe before moving on to Benin, its warrior kings, contact with Europe, decline and fall. It then examines their legacy for modern Africa.

The history and activities of the West African Kingdoms

Titles in this series combine History and hands-on activities. History sections contains traditional history information." Hands-on” sections contains recipes, crafts and physical activities. Includes maps and timelines.

Ancient African Kingdoms
Travel Guide to West African Kingdoms

Freestyle Time Travel Guides take children on a trip through history to visit the great ancient civilisations. Each title provides an introduction to the country and the culture; explores daily life and suggests key sites to visit.

Mansa Musa

Mansa Musa was the king of Mali as it became one of the largest empires during the time of Musa's rule. Readers will discover the life of Mansa Musa in this appealing biography that uses vivid images, appealing maps, and stunning facts to engage children. A glossary and index work in conjunction with the easy-to-read text to teach readers about the Mali ruler, griots, Mali trade, Mecca, Malian religion, and other kings and queens.

Mansa Musa and the Empire of Mali

Oliver's well-researched biography of Mansa Musa reads like an exotic tale of gold, greatness, and adventure. During his long reign as Mali's emperor, Mansa Musa led his empire into its Golden Age; presided over a spectacular, 60,000 person, 9,000 mile pilgrimage; founded a university in Timbuktu; and helped revolutionize architecture across the Sudan. Oliver does not allow Musa's story to get bogged down in detail by seamlessly weaving a lot of history into his narrative and by supplying curious readers with an extensive Glossary.

African Kingdoms
West AFrican Kingdoms
It all started in Africa

It All Started in Africa’ takes young children on a journey through generations of African Americans over the course of history. Children will gain a better understanding of African American history as they engage in the concluding discussion questions. They will be challenged to make life better for themselves and for the people around them. Enter into this exciting, interactive experience all the way to its surprising finale!

African Legends

Teachers are continually looking for materials that will enhance their studies of cultures around the world. With this new book, author, Tony Fredericks and illustrator, Bongaman, present readers theatre scripts based on traditional African folklore. Plays are organized by area and identified by country. Included are tales from Algeria to Zambia and all areas in between. This title contains background information for teachers on each African country included as well as instruction and presentation suggestions. The rationale and role of readers theatre in literacy instruction is discussed and additional resources for extending studies of African folklore are included. Grades 4-8.


Son of The Soil


Africas Great Civilizations
Africas Great Civilizations - Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime – 6 Part Series


Websites/Useful Links

African Kingdoms Printable Unit Study

African Art

Mrs Ha

Year 6 Ceremony of Achievement 2021

On Wednesday we were able to invite parents into the theatre for the Year 6 Ceremony of Achievement.

There has been so much to celebrate this year and the girls also managed to entertain us one more time with their singing, dancing, reading and drama.

Ceremony of Achievement Collage

Click on the collage above to watch the ceremony on our YouTube channel!

Prize Winners


6C Prize Winners


6OS Prize Winners


6SS Prize Winners

Congratulations to all of the girls on a rollercoaster of a year! We did it!

They went off for a fun afternoon at Liquid Leisure!

(click on the prize winner collages to see the full photos and video on Firefly)

Year 3 Immersive Science Day

Year 3 had an amazing immersive Science Day, linked to our Harry Potter topic in English.  First, having discussed the Harry Potter potion-making scenes, we wrote our own potion recipes.  After that, of course we had to make our own wands.  We closed our eyes and held our hands up high, and the wands chose us!  We then decorated them with a variety of materials.  The next activity was to create the potions using the ingredients we listed in our recipes, such as teacher’s toes, bat’s blood, slug slime, crushed unicorn horn powder and thunderbolt flashes.  At the end of our potion-making, we added wolf bone and watched our mixture bubble and sizzle!  We poured the potion into a potion bottle and made a special label for the bottle, detailing the potion’s special powers.  To finish, Mrs Skuse showed us how to create a home-made lava lamp which was so much fun! For our fantastic finish, we made our own Golden Snitches.  Please have a look through our photographs of a truly Spooktacular day!

Year 3 Immersive Science - Harry Potter

Well done girls,

The Year 3 Team

Why You Should Read to Your Child.

Remember to read to your child this summer.

reading with your child

What are the benefits of reading TO your child, as opposed to having her read to you?

There are quite a few:

  1. Reading to your child creates a close bond between the two of you, especially if you are sitting comfortably.
  2. If you read to a child at bedtime, she will cease to think about the worries of the day and focus on the words being uttered. Thus, she become more relaxed and sleep better.
  3. Children like hearing the sound of a parent’s voice, it reassures them. As a parent reads, the vibrations of a parent’s voice soothes a child.
  4. By reading to a child, you convey your own enjoyment of books and thus enthuse them to read for themselves.
  5. If you choose a book which you enjoyed as a child, your love of it is transferred.
  6. When you ask a child to read to you, you are asking a great deal of them. They have to work hard on their skills of decoding, reading for meaning, visual tracking, pronunciation, inflection, expression, punctuation, etc. When you read TO your child, they can relax and enjoy the story. The main skill you are teaching them is to listen, the most valuable skill of all.
  7. Parents often wonder why they should read to a child, when they are either able to read to themselves, or are deemed to old to be read to. A child under the age of 13 is never too old to be read to, for reasons given below. Reading to your child is one of life’s great pleasures and the window of time in which you can do it is very small. Make use of it, before your child really is too old. As all parents of adult children will tell you, they grow up so fast, in the blink of an eye, and you can never get those days back again.
  8. As a parent reads a book, they come across words which possibly their child has never heard of, and thus could not pronounce correctly. You can read the words with fluency, however, and also explain their meaning. Thus, a child is exposed to new, varied and enriched vocabulary, which will help them with their own reading skills in times to come.
  9. A child’s reading skills may not yet be good enough for her to access certain subjects which might interest her at quite a high level, such as those surrounding Science, Biology, Geography, History etc. By reading books on these subjects to a child, you are helping her to satisfy her intellectual development and curiosity. Her intellect has an opportunity to grow, even if she cannot read at a very high level.
  10. Recent research has proved that children who are frequently and regularly read to, gain higher marks in reading tests. They also have a far wider vocabulary.
  11. There is no need to worry if you do not feel comfortable reading to your child in English. Reading to her in your own mother tongue will benefit her just as much, since language transfers quite naturally.
  12. Reading books helps children to develop their understanding of a wide variety of cultures, countries, periods in History and characters. It also teaches them empathy, by helping them to identify with the characters they hear about.
  13. By reading to your child, you have a valuable opportunity to develop her conversational skills, as you discuss the subjects which you have been reading about.
  14. If you are travelling this summer, find a book linked to the place which you are visiting and read it to your child. It will help to pique their interest in the place and open avenues for further discussion. If, for instance, you will be staying on a farm, ‘Charlotte’s Web’ by E. B. White, would be a good choice. Should you be visiting The Imperial War Museum, ‘The Silver Sword’, by Ian Serraillier, or ‘Goodnight Mr. Tom’ by Michelle Margorian would be highly relevant. For those visiting Italy, Caroline Lawrence’s series of Roman Mysteries would be perfect. If you are in Devon ‘Tarka the Otter’ by Gavin Maxwell is a lovely book to read to a child. The choice is endless!

Books on-line are available from A percentage from the sale of the books you buy from them goes to a local independent bookshop of your choice.

Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Westwood and Mrs. Biggs-Davison can no doubt furnish you with some suggestions of suitable books to read to your child.

I hope you enjoy your summer with your children and get the opportunity to share a love of books with them along the way!

Anna Biggs-Davison

Prep Chess Club - ChessBoffs June 30th


Year 5 ChessBoffs

Girls from Year 5 were put through their paces practising pins, forks & skewers this week!

With chess proving to be hugely popular we are pleased to offer a brand new club of frenetic fun & social activity: a termly course for beginners and champs. The philosophy is simple, win or learn.
It may be somewhat of a battle yet we have jogging priests, a couple of clipperty clop horses, an elegant royal couple, weird castle people and 8 children that can only walk a very short distance before getting tired. And your daughter will learn to be their general whilst building resilience, making mates and honing their thinking skills. What’s not to like?

If your daughter is currently in Year 3, 4 or 5 and would like to join us next term please email:

Mr Plummer, ChessBoffs

Accredited Teacher European Chess Union

Do you Fancy Joining a Cheerleading Club?
Royals Allstars Cheerleading Club

Established in 2012, Royals AllStars is a successful local cheerleading club - holding multiple regional and national titles. We're delighted to announce that we'll be moving to our own gym facility (near Silvermere Golf Club) in September and will have the capacity to welcome many new members from Ages 4+ Male & Female.

For more information about our club please visit

Pollution from Exhaust Fumes!

Like so many others we are conscious of our carbon footprint, the environment and those who suffer from asthma.   It is wonderful to see  so many of our students actively engaged and keen to ‘do their bit’ for the environment.

At their request, we respectfully remind you that whilst waiting/dropping off/picking up  in our Carparks that engines should be switched off until you are ready to depart.

Pollution from Exhaust Fumes

Thank you

Nessy Summer Pack

Are you concerned that your child may need some help retaining what they have learnt this year at school?

A company called Nessy are offering a three month package for parents to use at home. It is called ‘Nessy Summer Pack’, and costs £30, which appears reasonable. The pack covers areas such as spelling, single word reading, text reading accuracy, creative writing, Mathematics and Touch Typing. Much of the pack comes in the format of a ‘game’, which your child may enjoy.

Nessy Summer Pack

Once your child has complete a ‘baseline game’ at the beginning, the computer programme directs her to the best ‘level of entry’. It works best when the programme is used at least four times a week, even if it is only for just 20 minutes.

The link for this is below:

Mrs Biggs-Davison


FoND News July 9th
FoND Team 2021

The FoND team would love to wish you all a great summer Holiday and look forward to meeting you in person in the next scholastic year. We would be delighted to hear from you should you wish to join us. Should you wish to join us or contact any of us do email on: or our treasurer can be contacted on: our external stall holder coordinators can be contacted on



Over this very challenging year your PTA has been busy for all the girls at Notre Dame. 

We are delighted to inform you that due to your amazing and ongoing support we have been able to do the following:

  1. Contributed towards the purchase of another Notre Dame branded school van. 
  2. Given Christmas gifts to all students in the school for Christmas.  
  3. Purchased sixth form benches for outside work and recreation. 
  4. Supplied the puberty packs for years 5 and 6. 

We are also excited to inform you as well that we are contributing towards the new adventure playground for the prep school.
Best wishes

Gia Borg Darcy
Chair FoND

Ice Cream

We were delighted to supply all of the pupils and staff with a delicious end of term treat - the ice cream van parked in the grounds on 2 afternoons and the pupils lined up for their ice cream!

Ice Creams 2021


Winter Ball

We are really looking forward to this event in the Autumn Term!

Winter Ball 2021 Sold out

Daddy & Daughter Camp Out

Exciting news we will be holding our daddy daughter camp out 24th July, tickets are on sale.

Daddy & Daughter Camp Out 2021


Nearly new uniform sale.

Nearly new uniform shop has been open all week this week and we are pleased to inform you that we raised a  total of  £995. A big thank you goes out to all the volonteers and to all the parents who support by donating and buying uniforms.
We are  still in great need of more PE kits Prep and senior as well at prep summer dresses. You may drop donations by the FoND hut in car park 1 or at the school office.

Looking for Name Labels?

Stikins Name Labels

Name labels are the latest initiative from FoND.
Friends of Notre Dame  is registered with Stikins, a family owned business, which promotes a school fundraising scheme through which the school can receive 30% commission on every order placed quoting the school reference number 36116. 
Why choose Stikins Name Labels?
1. Easy to use!
Stikins ®️ name labels are made of an advanced material; all you have to do is stick them onto the wash-care label of clothes. They are a one-size, multipurpose label, which can also be used on school items such as shoes, plastic boxes, water bottles, pencil cases etc.
2. Help your school!
For each order placed ordering using FoND's unique code 36116, we earn 30% commission for FoND. You can order online (, over the phone (01270 668076) or by using the order form on the leaflet we’ve got at the school front office.

Easy Fundraising

Raise money for Friends of Notre Dame (FoND)  when you shop online (at no extra cost to you!)
A few years back we had joined a fundraising initiative which does really help raise much needed funds for FoND to support the school and it couldn't be simpler for you to help!
Whenever you buy anything online, you could be raising a free donation for FoND.  So far over £9 million has been raised through for good causes throughout the UK.
If you shop on your mobile or tablet, get the free easyfundraising app and you’ll never miss a donation.  To get it, visit the App Store or Google Play and search ‘easyfundraising’ or find more here:

How it works….
1.  Start at easyfundraising
Let’s say you want to buy a pair of shoes from John Lewis.  Instead of going to directly, you first go to
2.  Make a purchase
From the easyfundraising website, click through to John Lewis to make your purchase.  This tells John Lewis you came from easyfundraising.  The price of the shoes is exactly the same.
3.  Get a donation
After you buy your shoes, John Lewis will make a donation for your good cause.  Easyfundraising automatically collect this and send it on to FoND at no extra cost.
4.  Get the easyfundraising Donation Reminder
You can skip steps 1 and 2 with the easyfundraising Donation Reminder.  Just click the reminder when you shop to receive any eligible donations. You’ll never forget a free donation again!
Pretty much anything that you buy online could be helping FoND support our school.

Friends of Notre Dame School - Surrey Fundraising | Easyfundraising
Thank you for your support!

A few dates for your diary:

  • 24th July Daddy Daughter campout. From 3pm 
  • 6th September nearly new uniform sale 
  • 16th September FoND afternoon tea launch
  • Nature Trail date in September TBD
  • 2 nd October 2021 prep school disco 
  • 15th October 2021 Senior School disco 
  • 5th November Cobham Avorians club Fireworks
  • 12th November 2021 A Merry Victorian Christmas Fayre
  • 27th November 2021 FoND Winter Ball at Hampton Court.

Join us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with all that is going on at FoND this Summer term.

Sports Board

Prep Sports Board July 9th


Thank-you very much from Mrs Jones, Mrs Tomlinson, Mr Mannering, Miss Mulcahy, Mrs Plummer for our lovely flowers and gift. We have had a very up and down year of sport but have been so proud of the girls and how they have developed and improved their sporting skills. We very much look forward to a normal sporting calendar next year and for the girls to apply all the knowledge they have learnt in matches and swimming galas against other schools.

I hope you all have a restful summer holidays, remember to keep fit and healthy ready for September.

Sports Day Results

On Friday 2nd July we were finally able to hold our wonderful sports day for the girls from Reception to Year 6. St Jeanne as always delivered with the dry weather, which along with having our brilliant supportive ND community there to support the girls, lead to a fun and happy day for the girls. It was wonderful to see all the girls achieving personal bests in all the activities they took part in.

The overall house points are listed below;





















We also had some new records to celebrate this year, they are;


Annabel in Year 1- 200m Run

Evelyn in Year 4- Javelin 14.7m

Holly in Year 4- Long Jump 3.25

Elisia Year 5 Javelin 14.04m and Long Jump 3.18m

Infants Sports Day

The full galleries can be seen on Firefly by clicking on the collages below!

Infants Sports Day 2021

Junior Sports Day

These photos were kindly taken by alumnae Charlotte Lehmann, check out her website:

Junior Sports Day 2021

Inter House Biathlon Results






Year 3





Year 4





Year 5





Year 6





Photo Galleries

Please click on the year group collages to see the full galleries on Firefly!

Year 3

Year 3 Inter House Biathlon

Year 4

Year 4 Inter House Biathlon


Year 5

Year 5 Inter House Biathlon


Year 6


Year 6 Inter House Biathlon

The Final House Point Totals for 2021:









Well done to the winning house - Richard!

September Sporting Fixtures Calendar


Over the last few weeks the girls took part in an interhouse swimathon. 

I was really impressed with the stamina shown by all the girls.

Well done to all the girls who took part.  The top 3 scores in each year groups were:


Year 6

Ella H – 39.5

LucyD - 36

Phoebe - 35

Lucy F – 30


Year 5

Alex B – 33

Campbell – 30.5

Charis – 28.5


Year 4

Holly H - 28

Aleksandra S – 26

Harriet F – 25


Year 3

Chloe S – 22

Francesca – 21

Georgia R / Frieda M – 20

Girls achieving over 30 lengths will be awarded a green book entry, as well as Best in Year.

House points were awards for every 25 metres completed.

All the lengths completed have been added up and divided by the number of girls in the house to work out the positions. 






Year 3






Year 4






Year 5






Year 6












Congratulations to Gaston and very well done to all involved.

Mrs Jones

Senior Sports Board July 9th


Ciara - Surrey Netball Team

Ciara S (Y8) is excited to be playing with Surrey Netball this Sunday in their end of Season matches at Epsom College.

It is fantastic to be back in full swing with sports clubs in and out of school!

Swimming Squad Training Sessions for September 2021

Starting September we will again be selecting for the school swimming squads, we have several galas already in the diary.

Prep Virtual Swimming Gala

Please note if your child is selected to join the squads the session will be on the following days:-

Year 2 Swimming Squad will be on a Tuesday afternoon 3.30pm – 4.10pm.

Year 3 & 4 will be on a Tuesday   4 – 5.15pm

Year 5 & 6 will be on a Thursday 4 – 5.15pm

Please try and keep up your swimming though the holidays.

If you would like any one-to-one or two-to-one swimming lessons over the summer holidays please contact Kerry (Mrs Jones’ daughter) on 07947 298062 for details.



WAHYFC Girls U9 Football

Walton & Hersham Youth FC will be running open training sessions on Saturday 26th June & Saturday 3rd July for girls going into YEAR 4 in September with the prospect of joining our U9s girls team next season.

We are a community club that are passionate about football. We promote positive play within a fun environment. All of our players are coached by professional Skillzone Soccer Platinum Centre coaches who work with every team at the club.

Date: Saturday 26th June & Saturday 3rd July

Time: 9am - 10am

Location: Walton & Hersham Arena, Burwood Road, Hersham, KT12 4EW

To book a place please contact:

Helen Bedford

07786 255 057


Girls Needed at Cobham Football Club
Girls Football - Cobham FC


Performing Arts

Prep Music Board July 9th

Year 5 Cantata

These songs were written collaboratively by 5H and 5T and they tell the story of the Feeding of the 5000. Click on the image below to watch them perform it on Firefly!

Year 5 Cantata - Five Loaves and Two Fish

Usually these would be performed at First Holy Communion Mass or in an assembly, but this has not been possible this year.

Music Maestros

Please find on the link below the video performance of Maestros playing ‘Bonny at Morn’ which was recorded this morning in the Chapel.  This was the first time the girls have all been together to play, and we only had half an hour to lay down the recording.  I think the girls have done really well.

Music Maestros

I hope you enjoy the recording and congratulations to all of the girls for their incredible hard work this year. 

Mrs Shaw

ABRSM Exam Results 2021

The results are not all available as yet and so they will be published on Firefly during the summer holiday!

Distinction for Grade 8 Saxophone

Rosa - Saxophone

Huge congratulations to Year 11 student Rosa J who gained a Distinction in her Grade 8 Saxophone exam with Trinity College!



Prep Library Board July 9th

Indie Book Awards 2021

Indie Book Awards 2021

These awards celebrate the best reads for the summer break.

Independent Bookshop week

Voted for by independent booksellers throughout the country, these are the recommended books that readers should be taking with them on their holiday, or staycation, over the summer. The winners of the two children’s book categories are:

Children’s Fiction Winner:

Tamarind & the Star of Ishta by Jasbinder Bilan

Tamarind & the Star of Ishta by Jasbinder Bilan (Chicken House)

Described as a story about ‘a beautiful and emotional family drama lightly woven with magic, in a breathtaking Indian setting’, this book is suitable for readers aged 9 and above.

Picture Book Winner:

The Hospital Dog by Julia Donaldson & Sara Oglivie

The Hospital Dog by Julia Donaldson & Sara Oglivie (Macmillan’s Children’s Books)

This is a tale, told in rhyming couplets, about a dog that helps people. The combination of our appreciation for the NHS and love of dogs comes together in this ‘big-hearted tale about a very special, very brave dog’. It is suitable for young children with a reading age between 2 and 5 years old.

Further details about the Indie Book Award 2021 shortlists, including previous years’ winners, can be found here.

The BookTrust – best books for children from the last 100 years!

The BookTrust – best books for children from the last 100 years

In 2021 a team of experts at The BookTrust put together a booklist of children’s books from the last 100 years; in other words a list of all the best books to read before you are 14!

Favourite book from the last 100 years

The list is divided into four age bands, and shows the reasoning behind a book’s selection as well as a description of its content. Also, there are fun quizzes to test your knowledge of all the books listed. Why not have a go, share your results with The BookTrust, and tell them which is your favourite book? Are there any books they’ve left off? Get in touch on Twitter @BookTrust.

Further details here.


Have a great summer

Wishing you all a relaxing and enjoyable summer. Happy reading!

Mrs Hughes and Mrs Westwood

Senior Library Board July 9th
Summer Reading

During the Summer Term, students in Years 7 and 8 are given set holiday reading. The titles are chosen by the English Department/Librarian and may differ from the usual choice/genre of books. The aim of the reading scheme is to encourage wider reading and promote the idea of reading for fun. We hope that your daughters enjoy whichever book they choose…

Year 7

The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien

The Star of Kazan by Eva Ibbotson

The 1,000 Year- Old- Boy by Ross Welford

Spilling Ink by Anne Mazer/Ellen Potter

Year 7 Summer Reading

Year 8

Northern Lights (or other books in the trilogy) by Phillip Pullman

The Island at the End of Everything by Karen Millwood Hargrave

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

Spilling Ink by Anne Mazer/Ellen Potter

Year 8 Summer Reading

Spilling Ink

Spilling Ink

Spilling Ink is a new (non-fiction) addition to the Summer Reading List. As part of the book review we will be asking students to write a piece, inspired by what they have learnt from the book… We can’t wait to read what they produce!

Happy Summer

Mrs Finch


Careers Fair 2017

Can you help inspire our girls? From medicine to marketing, whatever career path you chose after leaving Notre Dame, your experiences are very valuable in helping our girls make important career choices for the future.