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Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Expedition Success! 2023

Bronze D of E May 2023

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A big congratulations to the 63 Year 10 Girls who successfully completed their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh assessment expedition. Whilst most were sitting comfortably watching the Kings Coronation, our Notre Dame girls were being incredibly resilient and strong in facing the rain and muddy conditions of the Surrey Hills on Saturday.

All of the photos have been uploaded to Firefly and can be seen by clicking on the collage below:

Bronze D of E May 2023

Carrying full rucksacks of clothing, food, stoves and tents the girls set off in small groups to navigate from Ockley to their overnight camp at Bentley Copse, Shere. Under the watchful eye of our expedition company Rock the Boat but armed with only a map and compass, the girls needed to use their navigation training to stay on route. Such was the challenge that a few groups found that they had walked a few more kilometres than planned!

Arriving at camp in rain the girls bravely set to and pitched tents and cooked food. Before drying out and cosying down for the night.

All girls were up bright and early on the Sunday and were packed up and ready to get going before 9.00am! The sun finally made an appearance and the girls made haste following a route which led them to the Newlands Corner pick up point.

The instructors from Rock the Boat were really impressed at how well the Notre Dame girls rose to the challenge under such difficult conditions. It was lovely to see them working together and supporting each other. All girls completed the expedition which would now mean that they would be able to receive their Bronze award.

I think the newly appointed Duke of Edinburgh would have been very impressed!

Well Done to all girls

Ms Mason