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Prep Sports Board Jan 14th

National Biathlon Prelims at Aldershot

Biathlon Qualifying Rd, Aldershot

On Saturday 8th January the Notre Dame girls were back in action on the track and in the pool. The girls took part in the Pentathlon GB Biathlon Qualifying Rd for the National Schools Biathlon. Each of the girls had to run and swim in the fastest possible time with the hope of reaching the next stage in March.

National Biathlon Prelims at Aldershot

All the girls put in brilliant performances and achieved great individual and team results

U9 Team- 5th Place

Charlee K- 7th, Georgia 16th, Alessia (Yr3) 22nd

U10 Teams A-1st Place, B- 12th Place

Holly 1st, Ola 4th, Bella 6th, Olivia K 27th, Lucia (Y4) 46th


U11 Teams, A- 4th Place, B -11th Place, C -12th Place

Emma F- 18th, Ava T 27th, Ava M 32nd, Ella N 33rd, Cailtin M 37th, Tilly R 43rd, Isabella M 44th, Chloe G 46th, Martha T 53rd


U12 Teams, A- 1st Place, B -3rd Place, C- 7th Place

Campbell 13th, Alex 16th, Poppy S 37th, Elisabetta 38th, Adesha 46th

Very well done to all the girls that took part and represented the school.

U11A-D Netball v Tormead

On Tuesday evening we had a very soggy but fun netball match against Tormead. It was a fantastic way to start the new term and the girl’s netball season. Well done to all those girls who represented the school, you all played wonderful netball using all the skills we covered at the end of last year and those covered at the start of this term.

U11 Netball v Tormead

Results were

A Lost 6-9 Player was Kaitlyn

B Won 2-0 Player was Milla

C Won 6-1 Player was Elsa

D Won 9-1 Player was Hettie

Clothing/ winter

Please can I remind all parents and children that they girls need to have their FULL PE kit in school every day they have Games/ PE. We will be outside for majority of our lessons and they girls need to be appropriately dressed. This may include gloves and warm head wear on particularly cold days

Up Coming January Fixtures

Monday 17th January- U9 Hockey v Tormead (H) 4:00pm

Tuesday 18th January- U10A and B Netball v Rydes Hill and Halstead 3:50pm (H)

Thursday 20th January- U8-U11 Swimming Gala v St Teresa’s (H) 4:00pm

Friday 21st January- U8 Netball v Downsend (H) 2:45pm

Friday 21st January- U7 Hockey with Downsend (H) 2:45pm

Saturday 22nd January- U11 Hockey Tournament at Surrey Sports Park

Monday 24th January- U10 Hockey v Milbourne Lodge (H) 2:30pm

Monday 24th January – U11 Cross Country Relays @ Stoke Park 2:30pm

Tuesday 25th January- U11 A and B netball v Rydes Hill (A) 4:00pm

Wednesday 26th January- U10 A-D Netball v LEH (A) 4:30pm

Friday 28th January- U8 Netball v Ursuline (H) 2:30pm

Monday 31st January- U9 Netball v Tormead (H) 4:00pm

Mrs Purgavie