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Prep Sports Board Nov 27th

Year 5 Inter House Badminton Tournament

Inter House Badminton

Year 5

On Monday 23rd November, Year 5 took part in the very first inter house badminton competition. The girls all earnt 5HP for entering the tournament and as they progressed earnt more HP for their houses. Well done to all that took part, you did you houses proud and played wonderful badminton.

We had an all Richard Final, with Elisabetta and Poppy winning the tournament over all.

Below are the number of House points each house earnt throughout the tournament









Year 5 Inter House Badminton Tournament

Inter House Hockey

Year 6

Year 6 inter House Hockey Nov 27th

Well done to all the girls who played in the Y6 Inter House Hockey Cup competition. The girls played great hockey and used all the skills they have learnt this term.

Well done to the winning house Jeanne for winning the tournament.

Inter House Swimming Gala

Year 5

Y5 Inter House Gala

Well done girls – you all swam brilliantly in the inter house gala!

Congratulations to the winning house – Richard!

Overall Results:

1st – Richard, 2nd Gaston, 3rd Jeanne and 4th Michel

Virtual IAPS Swimming Gala

IAPS Y5 Virtual Swimming Gala

Last night at Year 5 swimming club we took times for our virtual gala!

Virtual XC Competition – Sent off

Over the past 2 weeks, girls from Year 3-6 have volunteered to take part in a virtual cross country competition against 17 local schools in the area. Year 3 and 4 had to run 1.5km as fast as they could and Year 5 & 6 had to complete a 2km course. The Notre Dame times have been sent off and will find out the results before the end of term.

Good luck TEAM ND!

Around The World Challenge

Year 4 Around The World Challenge - Netball

Y4 completing their ‘around the world challenge’ as part of their netball warm up last night!

Year 5 Around The World Challenge - Speed Bounce

Yr5 completing their speed bounce and around the world challenge as their warm up! 

House Steps Challenge

Next week Monday 30th November- 7th December the girls will have the opportunity to take part in the inter house steps challenge. The girls will try and complete as many steps as they can throughout the week and keep track of their daily steps.

If the girls have a watch that calculates their steps they should use that and if they don’t they can use this simple way of calculating their steps; 1 min of walking = 100 steps.

The girls will either send me their steps via teams each evening or they can keep a note at school and I will collate the results at the end of the week


Mrs Purgavie