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Senior Home Sports Day Challenge

Senior Home sports Day instruction Video

Senior Home Sports Day

​The sun was shining brightly for our Sports Day on Wednesday and instead of being at The Spectrum in Guildford girls were busy competing at home! We were unable to hear the usual commentary from Mrs Finch on the microphone, the gun firing from Mr Coackley or the cheers coming from the stands but, nevertheless, it proved to be a popular event with a high percentage of the girls taking part and in some cases roping in other family members to compete too!

Senior Home sports Day instruction Video

The events had been put together brilliantly by Mrs Marsh and we had demonstrations by her and her daughter Milly prior to the day so all knew what to expect + what each event entailed. The 5 events were: standing broad jump, target throwing with socks into the laundry basket, hand-eye coordination with throwing + catching a tennis ball off a wall, maintaining the plank position for as long as possible, and total number of steps completed during the day. In addition an optional extension task was set which involved creativity and experimentation – to create a shape on Strava or a similar app while running / walking.

Senior Home sports Day Route Map Pic

A huge congratulations to all of the girls for their efforts, lovely to see so many of you joining in and sending in your photos, a few of which we have included here.

Videos of Team Smith:

Within each Year group we have a Podium of our top achievers:

Year 7

1st – Rebecca P, Ciara S, Alexia W (60 points)

2nd – Miila E (56 points)

3rd – Steph W, Charlotte M, Taylor K, Alisha K, Preeti G, Grace G, Laura C  (50​​ points)

Year 8

​1st – Evelyn K (60 points)

2nd – Sophie K, Olivia M, Darcey D, Ellie D, Sasha K, Caitlin M, Holly T (50 points)

3rd – Molly C, Isabella N (48 points)

Year 9

​1st – Emily S, Jemima J, Juliette F (60 points)

2nd – Darcey A, Victoria F (56 points)

3rd – Izabel W (50 points)

Year 10

​1st – Lucy W (60 points)

2nd – Saskia W (50 points)

3rd – Josie S, Amy T (46 points)

Miss Dudgeon