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Senior Sports Board Dec 4th

Y10 Inter House Netball Teams

Inter house swimming Gala Monday 30th November 2020

Year 8 Inter House Swimming Gala 2020

Well done to all the girls who participated in the Y8 inter house swimming gala, they all swam really well. It was a lovely event and a nice way to start the term. The final results were: 4th place Lestonnac with 25 points, 3rd place Eyquem with 29 points, 2nd place Montaigne with 31 points and the winners in 1st place were Montferrant with 35 points. A big thank you to the Year 8 captains and co-captains who supported and encouraged all swimmers as well as made sure all their team were swimming in the correct races.

The girls who participated in the 100m Individual Medley races swam very well too! The top 3 in each year were:

Year 8: 1st Ciara S, 2nd Rebecca P and 3rd Steph W

Year 9: 1st Sophie K, 2nd Alice A and 3rd Ellie D

The top 3 fastest swimmers overall were:

1st Sophie K 1.11.19

2nd Alice A 1.20.07

3rd Ciara S 1.21.35

Miss Mulcahy

Inter House Cross Country

Year 8

Year 8 Inter House Cross Country 2020

On Monday morning the Year 8s had their House Cross-Country Competition on the course over the road on the Stables land. The girls ran 3 laps of the undulating course and a big congratulations to all those who competed; the top 3 finishers were:

1st – Steph W (Eyquem) – 8:57

2nd – Miila E (Montaigne) – 9:07

3rd – Emma M (Montaigne) – 9:27

Year 9

Year 9 Inter House Cross Country

On Wednesday afternoon the Year 9s had their House Cross-Country event; a big congratulations to all those who took part and completed the 3 laps of the course. The top 3 finishers were:

1st – Darcey D (Lestonnac) – 9:28

2nd – Connie L (Eyquem) – 9:52

3rd – Eva T (Lestonnac) – 10:02

As a result of the Years’ 7, 8 + 9 competitions the final overall House Cross-Country results are:

4th – Montferrant

3rd – Eyquem

2nd – Lestonnac


Year 7 Gymnastics

Y7 Gymnastics

Some of the Year 7 PE classes have been doing Gymnastics in their PE lessons this half of term and have recently been doing small group routines using benches and focusing on balances, rolls and jumps/leaps.


Surrey Netball Selections - Ciara and Tilly

A big congratulations to two Year 8 girls – Tilly K and Ciara S – who have both been selected for Surrey Netball following extensive trials. Ciara has been selected for one of the Surrey U13 Development Academies and Tilly has been selected for the U13 Surrey Squad – a great achievement for both girls.

Year 10 House Netball Competition

Y10 Inter House Netball Teams

On Tuesday after school the Year 10s had their House Netball Competition. The tournament was of a high standard and played in a competitive but supportive atmosphere, with the captains doing a great job to encourage and motivate their teams; well done to everyone who took part. The final results were:


2nd – Montaigne

3rd – Eyquem

4th – Montferrant

Miss Dudgeon