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Senior Sports Board July 2nd

Year 10 Sports Day 2021

Sports Day 2021

On Wednesday the girls in Years’ 7-10 all took part in their annual House Sports Day but this year it all looked a bit different, with the students remaining on site and each year group having its own designated area. All four year groups did a variety of athletic events in the morning and a House Cricket / Rounders competition in the afternoon. A fantastic atmosphere was created by the girls and the support for one another was so good to see. Fun and enjoyment was had by all and the girls should feel very proud of their achievements.  

With the accumulation of points from the 4 Year groups, the final Sports Day placings were as follows:

4th Place – EYQUEM (166 points)  

3rd Place – MONTAIGNE (167.5 points)

2nd Place – MONTFERRANT (173 points)

1st Place – LESTONNAC (198.5 points)

Photo Gallery

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Year 10

Year 10 Sports Day 2021

Year 9

Year 9 Sports Day 2021

Year 8

Year 8 sports Day 2021

Year 7

Year 7 Sports Day 2021

What an absolutely amazing day that really captured the spirit of the school. It was so lovely to see all our students in the open air playing together, cheering each other on and having fun!

Huge thanks to our fantastic PE Team for their vision and organisation.

Thank you to all staff for their enthusiasm in supporting the PE department and the girls and helping to make it such a memorable day.