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Senior Sports Board May 5th

Tennis Pairs at St George's Tennis Festival


Tennis Festival Day

On Wednesday three tennis doubles pairs – U12, U14 + U16 – competed in the annual Tennis Festival Day held at St George’s College. It was a great experience for the girls and some good tennis was played with each match consisting of one FAST4 set. Congratulations to our three pairs from the senior school who participated:

Tennis Pairs at St George's Tennis Festival

  • U12 pair – Erin B + Olivia W
  • U14 pair – Sophia B + Chloe C
  • U16 pair – Preeti G + Hanna A

A special congratulations to Sophia + Chloe who were awarded the Jean Thirlwall medals for Outstanding Sportsmanship, a lovely recognition!

Chloe and Sophia - U14 Tennis pair

U12 and U13 v Sir William Perkin’s School

On Thursday tennis matches were played against Sir William Perkin’s School. Three doubles pairs were in action in both the U12 age group and the U13s. Some good competitive games were played but it was SWPS who won both age groups, winning the U13s by 5 matches to 4 and the U12s by 6 matches to 3. Well played to everyone who took part.

U13 Team: Michelle E, Emelie G, Robyn G, Daisy C, Khushi J, Luella W

U12 Team: Erin B, Alex B, Charis W, Elisabetta M, Steph J, Poppy O


U13 A & B v St Teresa’s

U13 A and B Cricket v St Teresas

On Tuesday two U13 Cricket teams travelled to St Teresa’s for their first matches of the summer term. Both teams showed potential with some good batting, bowling and fielding skills; the B team won by 287 runs to 258 but St Teresa’s won the A team match by 305 runs to 242.

A Team: Robyn G, Lucy D, Scarlett T, Luella W, Daisy C, Ester J, Emelie G, Michelle E

B Team: Khushi J, Niamh G, Valentina SF, Charlotte S, Tallulah R, Ariella G, Emma C, Isabella C, Poppy S

Miss Dudgeon


This year all of the sports fixtures can be found on our new calendar – SOCS

SOCS - sports calendar

Outside School Sporting Success

We love to hear about your daughters’ achievements in sport outside school. Please do share any photos and news with us and we will include it in the Friday Mailing! (email


Smith Sisters at SE Regional Swimming Championships 2023

Last weekend Ciara and Emily competed in the South East Regional Swimming Championship 2023.

They swam really well, both achieving new PBs and Ciara came 9th overall in the 100m backstroke event.


Miss Paul