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Infants - Key Stage 1

Welcome to the Infants which incorporates Year 1 (boys and girls ages 5-6 years) and Year 2 (boys and girls ages 6-7 years).  Following your child’s Early Years education, our department continues to provide a child centred, supportive and exciting environment in which each of our pupils can thrive to their full potential.

The Key Stage 1 curriculum is rich and varied and covers all the standard National Curriculum Key Stage 1 subjects.  We teach the core subjects of English and Maths through up-to-date schemes.  Read, Write, Inc, our English scheme and Busy Ants, our Numeracy scheme, encourage the mastery of key skills through fun, well-paced, focused lessons that incorporate ICT and stimulate an energetic, confident love for learning.  Our curriculum is further enhanced with lessons by specialist teachers that include Drama, Dance, Swimming, PE, Music and Spanish. 

Each of our Infant classes are taught by a dedicated teacher and teaching assistant.  Staff work and plan together.  Lessons are carefully differentiated to challenge and motivate, to encourage independent thinking, risk taking and to allow all pupils personal success.

Throughout the Infant department, personal and social skills are a fundamental part of our teaching.

We are a family and like all families, our children are taught to care for and support each other and to work together harmoniously.  We want our pupils to become well rounded, confident, sociable individuals who persevere when met with challenge and who flourish as their strengths are recognised and celebrated.

Juniors - Key Stage 2

Welcome to the Juniors which incorporates Year 3-6 (ages 7-11 years).  Following your child’s Infant education, our department continues to provide a child centred, supportive and exciting environment in which each of our pupils can thrive to their full potential. 

The discovery of self is especially important during the Junior years. The girls are encouraged to increase their independence and to take more responsibility for their own learning.

The Key Stage 2 curriculum is creative and rigorous and goes beyong the standard National Curriculum Key Stage 2 subjects.  Girls are given a strong foundation in the core subjects of English, Maths and Science. A broad range of other subjects including Humanities, Art, Drama, Dance, Latin, ICT, Swimming, PE, Music and Spanish are taught by subject specialists. Girls also have the opportunity to develop their spiritual and social education through our RE and PSHEE programme.

We know our girls well and track their progress carefully to ensure a high quality experience for each individual. Every girl has challenging, objective targets against which her development is measured. This means we can intervene quickly to assist us in keeping all girls on track, to achieve above and beyond expectation.

We share the same aims as our Senior school where girls have a strong sense of place and worth.

Girls are highly motivated, secure in their values and able to make valuable contributions to society.