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Love Learn Flourish

What are the key principles that Project Florecer has been built on and underpin the Vision?


  • To be proud of Notre Dame Prep school and to play our part in growing a happy, compassionate community with a great sense of fun and spirit!
  • To ensure everyone feels valued and respected
  • To be resilient when we don’t succeed and to have courage to try again and to nurture this mindset throughout the whole community
  • To accept that change may be needed and engage positively
  • To create challenging and stimulating teaching and learning environments 
  • Continue to improve our own articulation and communication and that of our community; whether this is public speaking or clear, honest and detailed reporting for parents
  • Embrace a mastery approach to teaching and learning where key skills and concepts are taught and understood thoroughly before moving on, and encourage deep learning and thinking.
  • Children should have regular opportunities to extend themselves using a variety of techniques that encourage high-level reasoning and quick thinking skills
  • Remember we are educating for life—not just our own, but with a preference for social justice in God’s creation.


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