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The Prep Music Department at Notre Dame School offers an inclusive, well rounded musical education which educates the whole child. 

Music is always an essentially practical activity and all skills, knowledge and appreciation are learned through the musical activities of performing, composing and listening.  Singing is a natural and fundamental activity accessible to all.  Musical experience in the Prep School is both grounded and spiritual, both individual and communal, and both personally tailored and all embracing.  

Music Department Policy

Private instrumental lessons are available at Notre Dame School for all girls from Year 1. Lessons are available on the following instruments:

Singing         Violin        Viola        Cello       Recorder     

Flute      Oboe     Clarinet     Saxophone     Trumpet   

French Horn     Euphonium       Trombone      Other brass

Classical Guitar     Acoustic Guitar    Electric Guitar    Bass Guitar      Ukulele

Piano       Keyboard         Drums           Music Technology            Music Theory

Notre Dame School will co-ordinate the timing of your daughter’s lessons on a carousel system so that girls do not miss the same half hour of the same day each week. Timetables are on a notice board outside the music classroom and are published to class teachers.

Lessons will be organised for the beginning of a new term but in some cases where space is available, children may start at the beginning of a half term. You will be informed in writing if your daughter has to go on a waiting list.

If you would like your daughter to learn an instrument, please fully complete the form:

Instrumental Lesson Application Form

instrumental lesson terms & conditions


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