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Preparing for Senior School

By the time your daughter reaches Year 6 she will be well prepared for onward movement and ready to tackle the rigours of secondary education.

Over the previous years you will have seen her grow in confidence and maturity, both academically and mentally and she will be completely ready for that next step.

Naturally, we hope you will choose Notre Dame Senior School, and over 80% of our Prep School girls do, but should you, or we, feel this is inappropriate for your daughter, we will make strenuous efforts to advise on the best onward path.

For internal Notre Dame candidates progression to the Senior School is subject to assessment of progress throughout the Junior years. Formal offers will be made at the end of Year 5, after which girls will not be required to sit the entrance exam unless they would like to apply for an academic scholarship.  For all scholarship applications, the process for internal girls is the same as that for external girls.

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