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STEM at Notre Dame 2023-24

STEM Activities and STEM related Extra Curricular Clubs


Run using the LEGO Spike to introduce pupils to robotics and coding in an interesting and engaging way. Programming can be done in Scratch and Python. Currently there are girls from year 7 all the way up to year 13 attending the club.

Young Engineers Club

Dyson – Design Process Box introduces students to the design process, nurturing the analysis and problem-solving skills engineers use every day.


Digital Enterprise Award – programme that helps develop digital, enterprise and employability skills

CREST Award Clubs

Bronze Award – Past examples – Research paper experiment on Bath Bombs 
Silver Award – Past examples – Polymers – Research and understand the properties of polymers 
Gold Award – Past example – Research study- is it possible to obtain an adequate supply of micronutrients from a vegan diet?

STEM Design and Technology

Exploring Design and Technology through variety of hands-on practical projects.

Artful Maths

Artful Maths explores mathematical topics such as loci, circles, parabolas, radii, algorithms, the Fibonacci Sequence & Phi, to create art, using compasses, rulers, pencils and a bit of colour!

STEM Textiles

Exploring Textiles through technical applications such as E-Textiles and Smart materials


Year 8 and 9 Science Weekly CREST Awards
Year 10 CREST Awards

Engineering Projects

Engineering projects where Year 7 ‘Stemetes’ solve a problem or a task by designing and building something to solve the problem.

Weekly Astronomy Club

For years 7-8 who are building up to get a Bronze CREST award in the summer term for a research project.

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