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Art & Design

A Level Students build upon a rich foundation with a structured course that has increased emphasis on personal and independent work. Students develop ideas that generate starting points for art, craft and design practice and form an integral part of the creative process. They are encouraged to explore a variety of approaches to their studies so that the scope and diversity of final outcomes can incorporate painting and drawing, printmaking, sculpture, photography, illustration, fine art textiles and design crafts.

Those students wishing to pursue a career in the visual arts produce outstanding portfolios that have seen all students gaining their first choice places at highly competitive establishments on Foundation and Degree courses. There is a separate A level art studio that enables students to work in their study periods.

The A Level course provides an introduction to potential careers in the visual arts and creative, heritage, cultural, digital and design media industries, sectors that are contributing significantly to the UK’s economy and reputation on a competitive international world-class platform. Art, craft and design have a crucial role at the centre of science, technology, engineering and mathematics; fostering creativity, innovation, and economic growth. Art, craft and design supports and services other subjects, industries and sectors.