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Classical Civilisation

This A Level is indicated for  those interested in learning in depth about the classical Greek and Roman worlds, the foundations of western literature, theatre, art and philosophy. Students develop an independent and critical approach to a wide variety of sources, from literature to history, from politics to architecture and you will cultivate your analytical skills. Classical Civilisation supports other humanities and arts subjects.

Classical Civilisation is a very good general subject which fits easily with English, Drama, History, or indeed provides a contrast with scientific subjects.

At Notre Dame, the numbers of pupils for A Level Classical Civilisation is small which guarantees that students get a lot of individual attention. It is often possible to cater to pupils’ individual preferences regarding module choices. Modules can “mix-and-match” and include Mycenaean Archaeology, Homer’s Odyssey and Society, Roman Society and Thought, Greek Tragedy in its context, Greek Historians, City Life in Roman Italy at AS. At A2, the modules available are Roman Britain, Art and Architecture in the Greek World, Comic Drama in the Ancient World, and Virgil and the World of the Hero.

Trips to the theatre, museums and participation in conferences will be offered, whenever possible. Last year, we took part in the A-Level Conference organised by The Guildford Classical Association.

Entry requirements: GCSE grade B in English Language or Literature. It is not necessary to have studied Classics GCSE in order to take the A Level course.

Although a Classical Civilisation degree will not prepare students for any specific career besides an academic one, it will develop skills for whatever career they may choose.