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Modern Foreign Languages (French, German, Spanish)

There are many benefits to having the ability to speak at least one foreign language. In the current international economic climate, people with languages are increasingly in demand.

A Level language courses also give students a broad range of knowledge and skills.

The course builds upon your existing knowledge gained at GSCE and focuses on improving communication in your foreign language through different means as well as being able to use it in a variety of situations. All four skills (Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing) are extended in contemporary and exciting topic areas - e.g. Current society trends (marriage and family structures, cyber-society, volunteering), Artistic culture (cultural heritage, music, cinema), to name but a few, through the use of authentic material. Students will study a film at AS Level and a book at A Level.

Our dynamic department is fortunate to have native speakers and foreign assistants on the teaching staff.  Each student of Modern languages will have an individual lesson with the assistant each week.

We encourage our students to become independent learners and you will be offered the opportunity to do work experience abroad to boost your cultural and language knowledge.

Every year, Year 12 attend a Language Day at Southampton University. This event provides students with the opportunity to attend sessions on cultural topics, grammar and speaking in their chosen language, as well as the chance to do a taster class in a new language. There is also a talk about languages and careers.

Further education

  • Language and European studies courses at University.
  • Combined Language degree courses, e.g. a language with Law, Banking, Business Studies, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering etc.
  • It is possible to take modules in a language with almost any subject studied at university.

Career choices

Numerous career opportunities exist in the business world with an international connection where there is an increasing demand for high level language skills e.g. within the insurance sector, in export/import, the legal world, in the travel industry, publishing, translating, marketing, journalism, television language services. 


Students should have a lively interest in France, Germany or Spain and in topical issues (i.e. watching the news and reading the newspapers regularly). A grade 9, 8 or 7 at GCSE in the relevant language is essential.