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Physical Education

At Notre Dame GCSE and A Level PE are offered.  These offer students a chance to use and refine their practical, analytical and theoretical knowledge and skills. There is 60% coursework at GCSE and 50% at A level at present in addition to the written paper. GCSE PE requires performance in three or four practical sports at a high level and officiating can be included in these activities. A strong commitment to practical participation in competitive sport, physical fitness training and spectating elite sport are pre-requisites.


A level PE is a mixture of theory and coursework, building on the foundation of GCSE PE: the response of the body to exercise, fitness and training related to yourself and elite athletes, personal performance in two areas of playing sport or leading/ officiating and the analysis of performance in one sport. Coursework tasks relate to both the performance and theory components.

For the AS Level students will study: healthy active lifestyles, the response of the body to exercise, fitness and training; the development of competitive sport and contemporary provision and opportunities. Practical performance in one or two sports or Leadership in one sport.

For the A2 Level girls will study: Short and long-term physiological, psychological and technical preparations made by elite athletes. Practical performance to a high level in one sport is essential. Analytical skills are required in both practical and theoretical aspects. Interest in a variety of high level sports with a desire to deepen knowledge and understanding of the demands facing elite sports performers.


PE relates well to many other subjects, including biology. The course can lead to Sports related degree courses as well as almost any other subject.