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Physics is the most fundamental Science. Our aim is to enthuse students with a love of Physics and introduce them to the impact it has on our everyday lives.


Our students’ sense of exploration and investigation is developed by widening their understanding of Physics. One aim is to bridge the gap between theory and application by helping students make the link between Physics and technology thereby developing a breadth of scientific knowledge that they can apply to the world around them.

Students are given the opportunity to extend their understanding of Science by participation in visits to such events as ‘Science in Action’. Previous trips include a Sixth Form visit to CERN.

We have Science Prefects whose members have been involved in running assistance sessions for Years 7-11.

Facilities include two fully-equipped labs with interactive whiteboards, ICT suites and dedicated laptops for use in other classrooms.

Entry requirements to study Physics at A Level is a grade B in Physics, and grade B in Mathematics at GCSE level or equivalent.

Our AQA AS/A Level Physics course combines relevant, inspiring content and practical work. The course will motivate students, nurture a passion for Physics and lay the groundwork for further study in science or engineering. Skills developed by following this course include a wide variety of transferable skills. It is a stepping stone to Further Education, and is highly regarded by Universities.

Physicists are generally very good at solving problems. Their analytical skills make them versatile and adaptable. Physics brings a broad perspective to any problem. Physicists learn how to consider any problem and this inventive thinking makes them desirable in any field. A degree in physics is a great foundation for careers in a wide variety of disciplines including Finance, Medicine, Engineering, Management and Computing.