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In the Sixth Form, there are number of roles and responsibilities available to Sixth Formers. Once of these is the role of the Prefect.

Head Girl Team 2020

Prefects are elected by both staff and Sixth Formers and this role is highly regarded and important to our school community. The role of a Prefect is a varied one; one that carries a lot of respect and responsibility.

A Prefect should:

  • Represent the Sixth Form effectively at all times
  • Represent Notre Dame School at all school and public events.
  • Represent the views of the Sixth Form to the Sixth Form leadership team and to communicate the results of meetings between the Head of Sixth and the Prefects to the rest of the Sixth Form.
  • Liaise with Heads of Subject and to carry out duties related to the subject as directed by the Heads of Subject.
  • Help maintain and promote high standards of conduct in the Sixth Form
  • Work with the Head of Sixth Form to collate student voice.

Prefects are responsible for the organisation and running of the ND6 Rag Week and also work together under the direction of the Head Girl to write and perform the Christmas Talent Show.

Prefects are role models to the rest of the school and are highly valued in our school community.

Head and Deputy Head Girls Sep 2021