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General Studies

a spirit of genuine exploration can be generated

We firmly believe that General Studies encapsulates ‘Education’ in its broadest and truest sense: it opens the students’ minds to the range of possibilities that the world offers in terms of interests, careers, political views, religious beliefs, philosophical outlook, higher education, health and life skills. The fact that the subject is not examined at Notre Dame means that a spirit of genuine exploration can be generated, rather than a rigid or functional approach.

General Studies takes place weekly and, although the content varies from year to year, these examples from the last twelve months will give a flavour of the range of sessions we deliver within the programme:

General Studies Topics

This list can only give a ‘flavour’ of what General Studies has to offer but it is clear that we have had a busy and fascinating twelve months. The more the students involve themselves in General Studies sessions, the more they derive from them. Recently some highly motivated students have followed up by arranging work experience with guest speakers.

Alice Young Speaking to ND6 - Women in Business

Y13 Classics Trip to British Museum