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No prospective Notre Dame parent need feel that they cannot afford to send their daughter to study at the School. In line with Charity Commission public benefit guidelines, the Heads and Governors of School are delighted to inform you of the financial provision for parents who might be unable to pay the fees to have their daughters educated at Notre Dame School.

Notre Dame School is proud of its heritage as a Catholic Foundation but welcomes girls of any faith background into its academically successful, caring and supportive environment.


Bursaries are available to new and current parents for entry or continuation into a new entry point to the Senior School. Applications will be considered for entry into the school at any year group and must be submitted by 30th November prior to the September of proposed entry.

Bursary awards are offered to girls who would benefit from a Notre Dame Catholic education but whose families are unable to afford the full fees and who have no substantial capital assets. This support is also available to scholarship candidates. These awards are offered for up to a period of 12 months after which time the level of award and the parents current financial circumstances shall be reviewed.

100% Bursaries

We also have a small number of 100% funded places for exceptional candidates in the Senior School. We would expect these candidates to have significant academic potential and excel in other areas of school life.


How to apply

Current parents and new applicants to the school are eligible to apply for these awards, which are subject to a means-tested review of a family’s financial circumstances and a home visit. The selection and award of places will be at the sole discretion of the School.

(Please note that the discounted fee applies only to the tuition fee and not extras).

Applications will only be considered if received by 30th November prior to September of the proposed entry point. The Bursary Committee meets in the spring term to consider any applications received prior to the deadline for the following academic year. The Bursary Fund is limited and those judged most suitable or likely to gain most from the educational provision will be given priority. A supporting statement should be submitted with the Bursary application form.

For more information and details of how to apply for a Bursary please contact

Ms Sadie Weller

01932 589094

All applications will be treated in confidence.

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