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Notre Dame School aims to ensure that all pupils enjoy a broad and balanced education that meets individual needs. The majority of children progress and achieve success within the general school arrangements; however it may be that some children will be identified as having particular learning difficulties. The school aims for the early identification of any such needs and to remove any barriers to learning, through a personalised education which brings out the best in every child and recognises learning differences.

Learning Support at Notre Dame

Learning Support at Notre Dame is provided for pupils with mild Specific Learning Difficulties and can include:

  • Increased subject differentiation
  • Personalised support strategies
  • Teaching assistant support (Nursery and Pre-Preparatory)
  • Small group support
  • Drop-in subject support
  • Study skills
  • Specialist 1:1 tutoring

The tutoring staff of the Learning Support Department work with students, teachers and parents to enable those pupils who may require extra help to learn and develop to their fullest potential. Tutors have a specialist qualification in Specific Learning Difficulties or are subject specialist teachers of Mathematics. Specialist qualified tutoring can also be provided for pupils with EAL

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