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Textiles Art

Through experimental activities students enhance their technical skills and understanding of textiles materials and components to create innovative mock-ups and prototypes, portfolio and practical outcomes which will also provide evidence for University applications. We are proud of the high quality coursework the students have produced.

Students will broaden their interest in textiles through observations gained from a wide range of
visits to fashion and textiles museums and current exhibitions. Emphasis is on the design process,
leading to the construction and execution of original and creative ideas. 

Students can focus on either fashion or interior design products and the practical work is supported by a range of aesthetic, technical and decorative skills which will enable them to create original, high quality products.

Students learn how to plan ahead and problem solve.  This gives the students an excellent background for further study of a wide range of BA design related disciplines.

In recent years our fashion-orientated students have gained direct access to fashion degree
courses. Students should be interested in designing and making their own products and also in
evaluating current trends/innovations.  The course encompasses the creative, historical, cultural, moral/environmental, commercial, sociological aspects and also covers the new technological developments that make the Textile industry one of the biggest industries in the world.

GCSE and A Level Art and Textiles Exhibition 2019
GCSE and A Level Art and Textiles Exhibition 2019